Scottish Country Dancing in the NYC Metro Area

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If you are looking for information about the RSCDS New York Branch, go to, which also has pages or links for all the local dance groups.  You will find information about the book The Tin Woodman and Other Dances by Milton Levy and/or the The Tin Woodman CD recorded by Roy Hendrie on

Scottish Country Dancing is the historic social dancing of Scotland done to exciting jigs, reels and elegant strathspeys. For centuries, these dances were enjoyed at court and in the countryside. It is a form of pattern dancing that evolved into square dancing in North America. There are other types of Scottish dancing, such as Highland and step. 

Today, hundreds of groups around the world enjoy the sociability of this unique dance form. Many of these groups are part of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS). Each of these groups offer classes with a friendly, helpful program in which to learn.

Four organizations sponsor dancing in the New York City metropolitan area:

New Jersey Branch of the RSCDS (4 classes)
New York Branch of the RSCDS (2 classes)
Scotia Dancers of New York*
Westchester Scottish Dancers

During the summer, you may dance in NYC at Scotia on Monday nights and with the NJ Branch in Ho-Ho-Kus on Tuesday nights or Hightstown on Monday nights.  Check the web sites for further details.

*Designates a group that provides financial support for our dance and music education programs. 

NOTE: The Scotia Dancers have moved from Madison Avenue Baptist Church to Metro Baptist Church, effective as of 1 January 2014.  Metro is located slightly west of 9th Avenue at 410 West 40th Street, New York, NY .

Social Events.  In addition to regular classes, the RSCDS NY area dance groups sponsor a number of social events during the year. The RSCDS NJ Branch generally starts the season with the Boat Basin Dance. The Scotia Dancers have a New Comers Night scheduled in September.  This event is a great time to introduce your friends to the world of Scottish Country Dance. 

The Scotia Dancers have a Halloween Party scheduled for October. In November, the New York groups sponsor the Jeannie Carmichael Ball. During December we have the John Drewry Night in Brooklyn, the Holiday Parties sponsored by the Scotia Dancers, the NJ Branch and the NY Branch. The Westchester SCD celebrates Hogmanay with its New Year's Eve Dance.

From January to June we have various Burns' Night celebrations followed by a Valentine's Day Party, the RSCDS NJ Branch Rerr Terr, the RSCDS NY Branch weekend, the Westchester Ball. 


If you are looking for a colorful  music and dance presentation for your group or organization, consider a Scottish theme. We have groups that will present a show and/or lead audience participation.

SDMP has helped arrange performances and demonstrations from North Carolina to New York and as far west as California utilizing local teams of dancers and musicians. For further information, e-mail or call 212-330-7643.   

In the New York area, you may contact Naomi Lasher to arrange a demonstration or show by the Loch Leven Dancers  for your special event.

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