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Subj: Music In Scotland Newsletter - February 2003 
Date: 2/2/03 2:38:21 PM Eastern Standard Time
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This month's newsletter includes:


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ROSCD2011    Daniel O Donnell - Favourites     CD     £10.49
Favourite songs, favourite singer... What more need be said?  Originally
released in 1990, his album is still going extremely strongly with Daniel
crooning his way through some grand old sing-along favourites.  Home Sweet
Home, Dublin In The Rare Auld Times, Streets Of Baltimore, Bed Of Roses...

HOOK002    Four Men & A Dog - Maybe Tonight     CD     £13.19
The boys are back... with yet another supreme album.  Recorded in two studio
sessions, this CD has all the oomph of a full concert, with depth, tone, and
their usual hilarious apparent disrespect for their Irish heritage -
possible only through their superb musicianship and great knowledge of the
traditions.  Irish meets Russian, American Country, and Boogie! Fiddles,
accordion, keyboard, bodhran, banjo, mandolin, bass and vocals.  Driving
funky Irish folk which waltzes through polkas, reels, blues and boogie, a
powerful version of The Last Rose Of Summer, and a thundering session on
Baby Loves To Boogie!

VERTCD063    Harem Scarem - Let Them Eat Fishcake     CD     £13.19
With the combined talents of Ross Martin, Eilidh Shaw, Sarah McFadyen, Nuala
Kennedy, Inge Thomson and guests Kris Drever and Jonathan Ritch, this album
promises to be rather special, and a little different.  The promise is
certainly fulfilled, with a blend of Northern Isles lilt, husky Gaelic
lyrics, stimulating folk fiddling and pop-diva baby-breath vocals.  Harem
Scarem manage to combine the essence of folk tradition with the sparsely
suggestive song-style of contemporary music.  Sets of traditional and
self-penned tunes with Irish and Shetland overtones; classy, catchy Gaelic
song and vocables; folk-style contemporary love songs, and a busting
instrumental set with the grand title Dü's Daein' Dat Aa Wrang!

JP1    JiggeryPipery - Jiggery Pipery     CD     £11.99
Q: What's the link between the Scots Guards and The Boomtown Rats?  A:
Jiggerypipery!  Unlikely though the combination may seem, here is an
exceptional classic piper - son of a legendary Pipe Major of the Scots
Guards - playing along with Simon Crowe, wild drummer and ex-aforementioned
Rats!  Some decidedly rumbustious tracks, some meek and mild, all very
tuneful; James Robertson, the piper, is also a superb composer and just as
at home with a sweet and gentle slow air.  Most of the tracks on this album
are by James, but there are a couple by other composers and one or two
traditional numbers including a surprisingly effective laid-back version of
Marie's Wedding, with bluesy vocals!  Fiddle, bass, cittern
and guitar complete the line-up.  Try it!

JP2    JiggeryPipery - The Drift     CD     £11.99
James Robertson and the boys blast back with more fine pipering on their
second album.  Classically trained and contemporary talented piper James
teams up with Simon Crowe on drums, Carl Allerfeldt on fiddle, Pete Bingham
on bass and Tony Bayliss on cittern, guitar and vocals.  A super mix of
gentle airs, wild reels, riotous jigs, and storming hornpipes with a shanty
thrown in too!  Traditional and today's styles of piping, excellent
compositions and great musicianship.

PRCD09    John McCusker - Goodnight Ginger     CD     £12.99
Another superb recording from John, with a slightly different twist.
Decidedly within the folk vein, but with a lightly introspective touch.
Superb tunes, many by John, who plays viola, cittern and whistles as well as
the fiddle.  A backing line-up of accomplished musicians such as Phil
Cunningham, Michael McGoldrick, Brian Finnigan, and Simon Thoumire (to name
but a few!) ensures the very high quality of musicianship on this album, as
do the vocals by Kate Rusby.  A gorgeous recording with John's playing and
composing talents at a peak.

CCD48    Joyce Murray - The Spinning Wheel     CD     £11.69
Joyce Murray hails from Lewis, with a gentle local accent that makes singing
a pleasure to listen to in English or in Gaelic.  Joyce has won many Mod
awards for her singing, including the Gold Medal in 1999, and her fluent,
easy style also led to her being cast in 'Machair' playing various
characters including a Country and Western singer!  On this CD Joyce pulls
songs from her many hats, from traditional Gaelic airs to Irish country
greats, old Scottish folk songs and a sweetly gentle version of Dougie
MacLean's Caledonia.

CRC48    Joyce Murray - The Spinning Wheel     Cassette     £8.55

G2CD7009    La Sonera Calaveras - Numero Uno!     CD     £11.99
Formed in Glasgow in 1999 by a collection of musicians with a variety of
backgrounds from folkloric to latin and jazz.  Numero Uno is their first
album and is influenced by Cuban Son, a style created in the 1920s Havana
and still popular today.  The album is laced with flavours from Latin
America and further afield.  With bongos, guitar, bass, trumpet, percussion
and vocals.

CDDM0001    Michael  Grey - Shambolica     CD     £11.99
A must for all fans of techno-tartan traditional! Canadian Michael Grey, who
is a top-class piper and tunesmith, gives free rein to his creative
contemporary side on this album.  His pipes combine extraordinarily with
drum programming, electronic vocal samples, guitars, bass and djembe, as
well as the good old fiddle and bodhran.  Traditional tunes, new tunes in
the older modes, all fall under the hypnotic spell of the repeat-beat
semi-psychedelic pipering.  With some Gaelic singing in a Moebian mode, and
a piece from Burns that would have the bard up and strutting his stuff in
great Wolfstone style!  Very
different, well worth a listen.

G2CD7010    Salsa Celtica - El Agua De La Vida     CD     £11.99
Hot stuff from the frozen North!  Another excellent stand-up-and-strut-it
album from Salsa Celtica, fusing South America dance rhythms with a strongly
funky Scotticism exoticism!  A real big-band sound with trumpets, sax,
congos, timbales, piano, bongos, flute, whistles and pipes!  A big blast on
the title track, with racing fiddles, pounding rhythms and hypnotic vocals:
a stomping session on Whisky Con Ron - a dangerous mix!  A gorgeously gentle
pipe-led Guajira Sin Sol - Guajira for a sunless Scotland!  A fantastic
party album, finishing with an intercontinental Auld Lang Syne.


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