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Subj: Music In Scotland Newsletter - December, 2002 
Date: 12/15/02 6:07:29 AM Eastern Standard Time
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A Gateway to Scotland's music

This month's newsletter includes:

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Accordion Magic Vol. 1    CD    £8.29        CDROSS8001   
Accordion Magic Vol. 2     CD    £8.29        CDROSS8002   
Accordion Magic Vol. 3    CD    £8.29        CDROSS8003   
Accordion Magic Vol. 4    CD    £8.29        CDROSS8004   
Alastair McDonald - Patriot Hearts     CD    £11.95      CBNCD029
Alison Kinnaird - The North-East Collection    Book    £10.59 BK011   
Amazing Grace     CD    £10.59      ROSCD2023   
Anne McHugh Culley - The Road To The Isles    CD    £12.59 CDGR188   
Anne Pack - Middle Time    CD    £11.99      RBCD1031   

Billy McGuire & Jimmy Cassidy - Accordeon Continental    CD    £11.99 SMR131CD   
Buttons & Keys Vol. 1; Best Of Jim MacLeod    CD    £8.29 CDLAT001   
Buttons & Keys Vol. 2; Addie Harper & The Wick Band    CD    £8.29 CDLAT002   
Buttons & Keys Vol. 3; Eann Nicholson & Wick Band    CD    £8.29 CDLAT003   
Buttons & Keys Vol. 4; Best Of Jimmy Shand Jnr     CD    £8.29 CDLAT004   

Cantrip - Silver    CD    £11.99      CDFSR1717   
Carolan's Gift - A Tribute To The Legendary Irish Bard     CD    £11.99 MM304   
Celtic Chillout Album     CDx2    £15.99      DECTV001   
Charlie Landsborough - An Evening With    VideoPAL    £12.99 ROSV813   
Charlie Landsborough - The Very Best Of    CD    £11.69      ROSCD2008
Colin Campbell - Local Radio Vol. 12    Cassette    £8.89 CCRMC002   
Colin Campbell - Local Radio Vol. 12    CD    £11.19      CCRCD002
Colin Campbell - Local Radio Volume 12    VideoPAL    £14.49 CCR002   
Come Over The Ord    VideoNTSC    £16.99      WRGV9221NTSC   
Come Over The Ord    VideoPAL    £14.49      WRGV9221   

Daniel O'Donnell - Yesterday's Memories    CD    £13.39      ROSCD2020
Daniel O'Donnell - Yesterday's Memories    Cassette    £8.35 ROSMC2020   
David Sinton - Caledonian Sunset    CD    £12.39      MOICD023
Davy Garrett - An Fhideag Airgid    Book    £9.79        BKDG01   
Dochas - Dochas    CD    £12.89      SKYECD23   
Dominic Kirwan - Golden Dreams    CD    £9.89        ROSCD2022   
Dominic Kirwan - The Very Best Of Vol. 2    CD    £10.50 ROSCD2021   
Donnie Munro - Gaelic Heart    CD    £13.19      2217HYP   

Ffynnon - Celtic Music From Wales    CD    £13.19      GLCD1221

Garioch Blend - Early Blend Volume 1    CDx2    £11.99      DRCD2201
Garioch Blend - Early Blend Volume 2    CDx2    £11.99      DRCD2202

Isla Grant - A Dream Come True    VideoPAL    £10.99      ROSV819   

Jenny Gardner - Cho Chuk    CD    £11.49      JENGAR1   
Jim Cameron - Volume 3     CD    £8.29        CDGR185   
Jim Cameron - Volume 3     Cassette    £6.49        CWGR185   
Jim Malcolm - Home    CD    £12.25      BELCD102   
John Denver - Collection    CD    £7.99        MCCD496   

Kate Rusby - Ten    CD    £12.95      PRCD10   
Keltik Elektrik - Hotel Caledonia     CD    £11.99      G2CD7008

Lex Keith - Stream Train To Mallaig    Book    £10.95      LKBK01   
Lomond Ceilidh Band - Making Tracks    CD    £11.99      LCRCD3   
Loretta O'Sullivan - Close To You    CD    £11.55      ROSCD2017

Mary Duff - The Very Best Of     CDx2    £10.99      ROSCD2016   
Mhairi Coutts - Plays For Reel    CD    £11.99      SMR130CD   
Mhairi Coutts - Plays For Reel    Cassette    £8.79        SMR130   
Muriel Johnstone - The Blackadder Collection    Book    £8.19 SSBK06   
Muriel Johnstone - The Blackadder Companion    Book    £12.29 SSBK07   
Muriel Johnstone - The Merse Collection    Book    £8.19        SSBK08   
Muriel Johnstone - The Merse Companion    Book    £12.29      SSBK09   

Nice & Easy    CD    £9.89        ROSCD2013   

On The Banks Of The Ness    VideoNTSC    £16.99 WRGV9220NTSC   
On The Banks Of The Ness    VideoPAL    £14.49      WRGV9220
On The Speyside Way    VideoPAL    £14.49      WRGV9222   
On The Speyside Way    VideoNTSC    £16.99      WRGV9222NTSC   

Pagan Poets - Runes     CD    £11.99      INCH001   
Patrick Street - Street Life    CD    £13.19      GLCD1222   

Renwick MacArthur - The Dryfesdale Collection    Book    £8.12        RM02
Rockin' Ceilidh Duo - Wood & Stones    CD    £11.95      RCDCD001
Roddy Mathews - The Wannie Line    CD    £11.99      BMCD101   

Scottish Fiddle Orchestra - The Best Of     DVD    £12.59 RDVD060   
Scottish Fiddle Orchestra - The Best Of    CD    £11.99      RECD540
Scottish Fiddle Orchestra - The Best Of    VideoPAL    £14.39 RELV060   
Scottish Power Tunes Of Glory: Salute To New York    VideoPAL £11.99      RELV059   

Welcome To The Highlands Vol. 1; Highland River    CD    £8.29 CDGR186   
Welcome To The Highlands Vol. 2; Ackergill Shore    CD    £8.29 CDGR187   
Welcome To The Highlands Vol. 3; Caithness Shores    CD    £8.29 CDGR189   


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