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Subj: Music In Scotland Newsletter - May, 2002
Date: 5/11/02 9:11:29 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Jim Leighton)

This month's newsletter includes:



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SKYC5005    Ceilidh Connections    CD    £7.39

CMOR001    Ceilidh Mor - Winching In Loch Maddy    CD    £11.99
Winching In Lochmaddyâ¦And that's winching with sailors, not young ladies! Ceilidh dance sets and listening tunes from an eclectic selection of instruments - fiddle, mandola, eggs, sax, cabassa, tromboneâ¦Two-steps, waltzes, Virginia Reel, Hoolichan's Jig, Strip The Willow, The Foula Reelâ¦.

SKYC5006    Celtic Connections    CD    £7.39

SKYC5009    Celtic Harps    CD    £7.39

MCCD489    Daniel O'Donnell - Dreaming    CD    £7.49
A new compilation of classic Daniel O'Donnell repertoire. <P>1. I just want to dance with you 2. Love in your eyes 3.    Send me the pillow you dream on 4. I love you because 5. Home is where the heart is 6. Pretty little girl from Omagh 7. Moonlight and roses 8. I need you 9. Veil of white lace 10. Wedding bells 11. Follow your dream 12. Sweet memories 13. Green glens of Antrim 14. My Donegal shore 15. Far far from home 16. Irish eyes 17. Welcome home 18. Little piece of Heaven 19. Old days remembered 20. My favourite memory.

CDFSR1715    Fine Friday - Gone Dancing    CD    £11.99
A super young trio, Anna Wendy Stevenson (fiddle), Nuala Kennedy (flute, whistles, backing vocals) and Kris Drever (guitarist, vocals, double bass), have produced this, their first, album of Scottish and Irish music. <P>Cold Blow, Helicopter, Tune For Nuala, Selkie, The Cuckoo, Rock 'N' Troll, Humming Bird, Spacehoppers, Special People, Slip Jigs & Reels, Deep Sea World, Ceilidhs In The Cave, Funeray.

GRCD114    Gordon Pattullo - Ceilidh At The Castle    CD    £10.39
Superb ceilidh music album in the good old accordion-led style, with plenty of spark and syncopation, and great arrangements without any loss of dance rhythm. Nine full-length ceilidh dances, a prancing polka, and some slower numbers.

VERTCD062    Gruth Is Uachdar (Crowdie & Cream)    CD    £13.19
The soundtrack to the BBC Gaelic drama Gruth is Uachdar (Crowdie and Cream), adapted from Finlay J MacDonald's popular trilogy based on his childhood on Harris. Featuring members of the groups Capercaillie, Shooglenifty, Deaf Shepherd and La Bottine Souriante, with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra. <P>The 7th Day; Tour de Harris; Atlantic Funeral; All Slicked Up; The World Below; Finlay's Theme; The Haircream Reel; The Telegram; The Orange Beach; Ceilidh Polka; Harris Moonlight; Silver Whistle; Tarbert Hornpipe; The Day the Plane Came; Machair At Dawn; Leaving; Sailing to War; The Schoolhouse Jig; Beach Stories; Nordic Melody; Ali's Slippery Slope; Silver Whistle Reprise.

CDTRAX027    Jack Beck - O Lassie Lassie    CD    £11.99
Re-released on CD at last⦠Songs of the lassies and for the lassies by the great folk singer Jack Beck. Solo or accompanied, Jack's voice has lead the folk scene since the revival. Recorded in 1989, these tracks still hold their power. Birnie Boozle, Matt Hyland, Twa Corbies, Kilbowie Hill, The Bleacher Lass O' Kelvinha', Bound To Be A Row, Ned Of The Hill, The Jolly Beggar, Love Is Teasing, The Merchant's Son.

JMCCD002    Jean & Jim McConnachie - Favourite Selections    CD    £12.29
Just as the title says, old favourites from all walks of Scottish popular music with all those well-loved tunes that bring back so many memories. Highland and Lowland pipes, accordion, fiddle, moothie, piano and vocals give a good breadth to the musical styles. Dance, sing along or sit back and remember! Millennium March, By Yon Border Burn, Square Tango, White Heather Foxtrot, Kippford On Solway, Mississippi Dip, Dinkie One-step, Old Comrades, Circassian Circle, Palais Glide, Highland Cathedral.

TRCD202    John Crawford, Family & Friends - A Tune Or Twa'    CD    £11.99
Grand old pipe tunes, and some new ones, played on the accordion by John Crawford and his brother Jim,
accompanied by family and friends. An excellent selection of tunes, some played in March, Strathspey and Reel sets. Dance, listen or march about, this is an album worth having.

WWCB001    Meantime - The Natives Are Friendly    CD    £11.99
West Coast ceilidh band in full force, with a selection of dance tunes and songs in Gaelic, and some really stirring pipe sets. Box, pipes, fiddles, piano, and guitar. 2/4 Marches, The Birthday Waltz, Glen Lee, Pipe Jigs, David's Strathspey & Reels, Ann, Dannsa Rathaid, Teann A-Nall, Clachan Ghlinn Dà Ruadhail, Meleòidean Tromb & Fidheall, Orain Air A' Phìob, Sheila's Set, Air An Oidhche, Retro Argyll Set, Glen Esk, Pipe Barn Dance, Zulu Dhòmhnaill Ruaudh, Big Fran's Baby.

CDTRAX227    Rob MacKillop - The Healing    CD    £11.99
Rob's latest album consists of original versions of tunes found in the Scottish lute and cittern manuscripts of the 17th century, arrangements of tunes from the 18th and 20th centuries, and new pieces composed in 2001. "â¦dazzling virtuosity.. exceptionally musical.. beautifully played" Sounding Strings. <P>Niel Gow's Lament For The Death Of His Second Wife, Port Atholl, I Love My Love In Secret, Lady Buccleugh's Lament, Auld Lang Syne, A Scots Lament, Joy To The Personne Of My Love, Till I Lulled Beyond Thee, The Laydie Lothian's Lilte, The Isle Of Rea, Suelt Smyling Katie Loves Me, She Rouid Me In Her Aprone, John Come Kiss Me Noue, The Lowlands Of Holland, Alace I Lie My Alon I'm Lik To Die Auld, Aderneis Lilt, Lady Cassilles Lilt, Blew Breiks, Port Jean Morrison, MacKillop's Rant, Nine, The Healing (Pibroch For The Lute).

SKYC5010    Scottish Country Roads    CD    £7.39

CUL119D    Skyedance - Live In Spain    CD    £11.99
Alasdair Fraser (fiddle), Eric Rigler (Scottish and uillean pipes), Chris Norman (wooden flute), Paul Machlis (keyboards), Peter Maund (percussion) and Mick Linden (bass). <P>On this album the band were joined by Spanish guests including Galician singer Mercedes Peon (vocals), Latin Grammy nominee Hevia (midi bagpipes), Jose Manuel Tejedor (Asturian bagpipes), Joxan Goikoetxea (accordion), ebullient Basque accordionist Kepa Junkera (trikitixa), Mikel Laboa (vocals) and Oreka TX (txalaparta) in three quite remarkable 2001 concerts before very enthusiastic Spanish audiences. <P>Harris Dance; Dizzy; Marabilla; Dinkey's Medley; Cries and Shrieks of Woe; A Stor Mo Chroi; Stoney Run; The Spark; Way Out To Hope Street; Theme For Scotland; Donostia; Txoria Txori; The Other Side of Sorrow; Galen's Medley; Tail Toddle Finale.

CDTRAX230    Stairheid Gossip - Stirrin' It Up    CD    £11.99
Close harmony acapella group of female singers from the lowlands of Scotland. Superb harmony and solo singing with accompaniment on some tracks. <P>The Burning Of Auchendoon, Bahlele Bonke, King Of The Castle, Rantin' Dog, Harriet Tubman, High Germany, Women Of Dundee, Johnny I Hardly Knew You, Don't Leave Nobody But The Baby, Bone Upon Stone, Both Sides Of The Tweed, Wagoner's Lad, The Twa Corbies.

CDTRAX232    The McCalmans - Where The Sky Meets The Sea    CD    £11.99
The latest album from the stalwarts of folk, The McCalmans, with Stephen Quigg now in the line-up. This recording reflects their summer tours of the Highlands, with songs of fishing boats and harbours, farms and battlefields. <P>Farm Auction; The Last Leviathan; The Fishing Days; Galway to Graceland; Women o' Dundee; Ae Fond Kiss; Voice of My Island; Applecross Bay; Laerke's Tune; Rise Rise; Gallant Murray; The Highlands Tomorrow; Wild Old Tune; Running Home; Spinner's Wedding.

SKYC5007    The Pipes Are Calling    CD    £7.39

SKYC5008    The Shand Connection    CD    £7.39

OBRCD002    Wolfstone - Almost An Island    CD    £12.65
The eagerly anticipated new release from this great folk-rock band. Already getting excellent reviews.


ROSCD1003    Daniel O'Donnell - Especially For You / Love Songs    CDx2    £9.89

ROSCD1005    Daniel O'Donnell - From The Heart / Thoughts Of Home    CDx2    £9.89

ROSCD1001    Daniel O'Donnell - I Need You / Don't Forget To Remember    CDx2    £9.89

ROSCD1002    Daniel O'Donnell - Songs Of Inspiration / I Believe    CDx2    £9.89

ROSCD2004    Daniel O'Donnell - The Best Of    CD    £10.49

ROSCD2005    Daniel O'Donnell - The Irish Album    CDx2    £10.49

ROSCD1004    Daniel O'Donnell - The Last Waltz / Follow Your Dream    CDx2    £9.89

DDCD001    Dessie O' Halloran - The Pound Road    CD    £13.19

ROSMC2007    Dominic Kirwan - Under Your Spell    Cassette    £6.99

ROSCD2007    Dominic Kirwan - Under Your Spell    CDx2    £10.49

PIXIECD003    Fiona Kennedy - Follow Me    CDEP    £11.99

PIXIECD001    Fiona Kennedy - Maiden Heaven    CD    £5.99

DR20    Scottish Airs For Pairs    Book    £10.15

LMCD003    Seàn Tyrrell - Belladonna    CD    £12.89

LMCD001    Seàn Tyrrell - Cry Of A Dreamer    CD    £12.89

LMCD002    Seàn Tyrrell - The Orchard    CD    £12.89

DR19    Yetties Songbook Volume 2    Book    £13.99

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