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Subj: Music In Scotland Newsletter - March, 2002
Date: 3/3/2002 11:10:55 AM Eastern Standard Time

From: (Jim Leighton)

This month's newsletter includes:




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AGC221 Aberfeldy & District Gaelic Choir - Co-EismealachdCD 11.99  
An extremely strong album of Gaelic choral song, to a standard befitting the worthy winners of the Royal National Mod in Lochaber.  Traditional songs, well-loved choral pieces, and a charming, gentle instrumental on fiddle, smallpipes and guitar all combine to make this a well-rounded album notable for its powerful harmony pieces.

SKYECD18 Alasdair MacCuish & Black Rose Ceilidh Band - Stepping Out CD 12.89  
Superb new releases from this excellent ceilidh band.  All the old favourites - Strip The Willow, Gay Gordons, Waltz, Scottische - played in Alasdair's inimitable and intensely musical style.  Syncopations, harmonies, rhythm shifts within the beat all make this a great album for listening as well as for dancing. <P>Ceilidh Cascade; Hebridean Schottische; Gaelic Waltz; The Panda; Gay Gordons; Postie's Jig; The Swan; Highland Barn Dance; Pipe Jigs; A Flying Trip; St Bernard's Waltz; Britannia Two Step; The Seagull; Captain Stretch's Mandolin; Strip the Willow; Dunoon Barn Dance; 
The Banshee; Take It Easy.

BKAACAn Aberdeen Collection Book 6.39   

CDTRAX225 Barra MacNeils - Racket In The Attic CD 11.99  
The band are: Lucy MacNeil (lead vocals, fiddle, bodhran, harp, stepdance), Kyle MacNeil (lead vocals, fiddle, mandolin, guitar), Sheumas MacNeil (vocals, piano, keyboards) and Stewart MacNeil (lead vocals, accordions, flute, whistles, guitars) with Jamie Gatti (bass guitars) and guests including Paddy Moloney and Great Big Sea. <P>12 tracks: Don't Call Me Early; Rattlin' Roarin' Willie; Second Hand News; Longest Day; Queen of Argyle; Misty Moisty Morning; By Northern Light; Everytime; Racket in the Attic; Come High Come Low; Nancy O; Tullochgorum.

CDBM001 Beolach - BeolachCD 12.49  
Storming sets from the fiddles ~ and feet ~ of a young cape Breton band.  Backed by piano, guitar, drums, pipes and whistles, the fiddles fly through some thunderous sets, but slow to a late-night-smoochy version of Memories Of Father Angus MacDonnell complete with brushes on the drums! There's a gorgeous slow piano rendition of Scott Skinner's Bovaglie's Plaid, and some fancy footwork and funky flautistry in the final set.

MMRCD1028 Celtic Waves - Surfing The Ocean Of Tradition CD 12.69  
Tremendous value, tremendous music.  A double CD highlighting some of the best singers and instrumentalists in the Irish tradition⦠from both sides of the pond.  Ten tune sets, ten vocal sets; from very traditional players and from sharply contemporary players within the Irish tradition.  An excellent introduction to Irish music.

CDTRAX228 Colcannon - Covering Our Tracks CD 11.99  
Kat Kraus (lead vocals, keyboards) from New South Wales; Sian O'Callaghan (fiddle, keyboards, vocals), who trained at Adelaide's Conservatory of Music; John Munro (mandolin, guitar, vocals) who has toured with Eric Bogle; Pete Titchener (guitar, bass, vocals), originally from England; and Don Holdernesse (bass, keyboards, congas, vocals) from Adelaide. <P>I'm Fine; Lonesome Road; Galilea; Ashokan Farewell; You'll Never Be the Sun; Boat on the River; Western Highway; The Rose; After the Goldrush; Auld Lang Syne; Evening; The Roving Dies Hard; From Clare to Here; Ripples in the Rockpool; The Land Belongs to Them; Freedom Calling; Send the Boats Away.

GRENCK01 Graham Neilson - New Boat Old Rocks CD 12.29  
A gloriously clear, pure and musical CD of mainly solo Gaelic song.  Graham's tone and singing style are extremely easy to listen to and equally easy to appreciate; no twiddles or vocal slides, just tune⦠with succinct style!  Joined on some tracks by the voices of his wife and daughter, by his son who plays guitar, whistles and fiddle aswell as sings, and by Wendy Weatherby on 'cello, Graham has produced a grand album of traditional and more recent Gaelic song.

COMD2089 Pat Kilbride - Nightingale Lane CD 11.99  

CIRBC2011 Shawn Cuddy - On Second Thoughts MC 7.49   
A cassette collection of tremendous Irish Country hits in the mellow tones of the gentle star, Shawn Cuddy.  On Second Thoughts, If Those Lips Could Only Speak, Like Father Like Son, Signed Sealed And Delivered, My House, I Still Love You, Straight And Narrow, Slaney Valley, Ireland's Where I Call Home, The Dress You Wore For Me, Please Don't Go, Home Is Where You're Happy.

SDCD001 Shotts & Dykehead P.B. & Bagad Brieg - La Boum EcosseCD 11.99  
Deeply traditional, ear-wrenchingly contemporary, this combination of a top Scottish and a top French pipe band slides pipe music into another musical dimension.  Interspersed among the top class traditional pieces played in true and pure championship style are some quite astonishing contemporary pieces which bring both pipers and drummers to near explosion point⦠but without the music losing its obvious national identity.  Not for pipe band purists⦠unless they wish to broaden their horizons!

TORT01001 The Cutting Edge - Freefall CD 11.99  

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