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Subj: Music In Scotland Newsletter - January, 2002
Date: 1/13/2002 8:16:33 AM Eastern Standard Time

From: (Jim Leighton)

This month's newsletter includes:


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AH03                     Addie Harper - Ackergill Tower Collection                   Book    12.55  
Compositions by Addie Harper, of the Wick Dance Band, and friends. 44 tunes; Jigs, Reels, Marches, Waltzes, and even a Polka, a Tango and a Quickstep. Other contributors include Gordon Gunn, Sheena MacDonald, Bob MacLeod, Addie Donaldson, Alex Muir and many more. A4 .

LTCD3002              Alison McMorland & Geordie McIntyre - Rowan In The Rock     CD      11.49  
Songs of Love, Land and Nature from Alison and Geordie with Kirsty Potts (backing vocals), Norman Chalmers (concertina, moothie, bodhran, whistle & Jews' harp), Derek Hoy (fiddles), and Patsy Seddon (clarsach). Several of Geordie's own songs, as well as those of Robert Burns, Ewan MacColl, Hamish Henderson, Helen Fullerton, Violet Jacob and others.

CL06 Ann Heymann - Coupled Hands For Harpers Book 24.99  
A very encouraging book for anyone wishing to learn to play the harp - wire or gut strung.  No more bass clef!  Well, not written anyway.  Internationally renowned harper Ann has come up with an intelligently musical way of combining the written notation for both hands, thus simplifying the daunting music-reading process, and has combined this with tips and tricks gathered over years of teaching and performing. A must!

BKBAIN01 Bain's Directory Of Bagpipe Tunes Book 13.35  
An excellent little hardback book which will enable pipers, or other musicians, to track down the music for that elusive tune.  A very simple cross-reference system will enable the reader to find out which tune book contains the  music he wants.  Indexed by music type, i.e. strathspeys, 2/4 marches etc, and with interesting historical notes on a few tunes too!

CCD41                   Bayhead Youth Group - Light Of Your Love                    CD      11.25  
21 songs of worship from the Bayhead Youth Group of Stornoway. The songs are all in English and include many well-known ones such as Amazing Grace, and Be Thou My Vision.

SOIRCD1002          Best Regards From Scotland                                  CD      4.99   
Pipes, Music & Songs          

SMR123V               Bill Black & His Dance Band - Dancing Through Perthshire    VideoPAL13.99  
Tunes from the pens of Shand, MacLeod, Ross, Crowe, Johnstone, Skinner and many others are performed in great style by Bill Black (accordion), Colin Johnstone (2nd accordion), Ian Adamson (fiddle), Mabel Gray (keyboard) & Robert MacFadyen (drums). Features scenery from around Perthshire with the soundtrack of the CD.

SMR123CD            Bill Black & His Dance Band - Dancing Through Perthshire    CD      11.49  
Tunes from the pens of Shand, MacLeod, Ross, Crowe, Johnstone, Skinner and many others are performed in great style by Bill Black (accordion), Colin Johnstone (2nd accordion), Ian Adamson (fiddle), Mabel Gray (keyboard) & Robert MacFadyen (drums). Also available on video.

GMM2008              Bob McQuillen, Jane Orzechowski & D Stiles - Old New England CD      11.99  
Contra Dance Music with Bob McQuillen's famous 'boom-chuck' piano style, Jane's fiddle and Deanna's flute. Lots of the tunes are Bob's own, which sit very well alongside traditional and other contemporary composer's contributions.

TRCD212               Colin Dewar - Thanks For The Music                          CD      11.49  
A brilliant and long-awaited album, which will certainly not disappoint followers of Scottish dance music, containing as it does the music of Scotland's greatest composers and played in Colin's immitable style.

HRMC017               Declan Nerney - Reflections                                 MC      7.15   
HRCD017               Declan Nerney - Reflections                                 CD      9.99   
12 songs from this ever popular Irish singer including a couple of Christmas tracks!!

CPFCD002 Duncan Chisholm - The Door Of Saints CD 12.19  
Duncan Chisholm (Fiddle), Marc Clement (Guitars), Phil Cunningham (Accordion, Keyboard & Percussion), Ivan Drever (Guitar), Jim Hunter (Slide Guitar), James MacKintosh (Percussion), Carlos Barral (Vocal). <P>1) Chro Chinn t-saile 2) Chi Mi' n Geamhradh 3) Bonny At Morn 4) Leire's Welcome to Cozac - Celanova Square 5) El Caballo Blanco 6) Canan nan Gaidheal - Bok-Espok 7) Anada pa Gael 8) Machrivanish: 91st At Modder Riiver - Title - The Waterbed - The Nine Pint Cloggie 9) Coinleach Glas an Fhomair.

FTW001                 Face The West - Edge Of Reason                              CD      11.49  
There's something here for everybody, from  Stornoway's exciting new young group. Sultry whistle, pounding guitars, haunting fiddle, all within the traditional mould ~ with a strong contemporary slant along the lines of Runrig. Dance sessions, Gaelic and English vocals, well-loved storming sets.

RABK01 Fergie MacDonald - Fergie's Collection Book 11.49  
Fergie's playing is well-known world wide, and so are many of his tunes.  This book brings together twenty-five of Fergie's compositions, including such popular numbers as The Jig Runrig and The Reel Big Angus.  Clearly set out, with chord accompaniment marked in and a wee history of each tune, this book will be invaluable to many musicians ~ fiddlers, pipers and box-players alike.

AAC75                   Frank Thomson & His Band - An Aberdeen Collection           CD      11.69  
Music for twelve Scottish country dances to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the RSCDS Aberdeen branch.  Frank Thompson (accordion), Dennis Morrison (piano & accordion), Douglas Cargill (double bass) and Duncan Christie (drums).

SHIELMC013          Gavin Maxwell - Reviresco                                   MC      7.99   
SHIELCD013          Gavin Maxwell - Reviresco                                   CD      11.49  
A young piper who has already won gold medals both locally in Dumfries-shire, and nationally. The arrangements are contemporary folk-influenced. The result is excellent listening.

EA05                      Glen Collection Of Scottish Dance Music Book    16.49  
John Glen's 1891 - 95 collections with his biographies of composers and notes on the sources of the music. All 292 tunes of Glen's original collections have been included, re-grouped by key, with the bass lines omitted, and a useful index to the whole collection has been added. A4.

CCD40                   Iain MacIver - Aig An Oir                                   CD      11.25  
A collection of contemporary Gaelic songs sung by Iain "Costello" MacIver. Keyboards, electric guitar and drums give a "country" slant to the songs.

IHBK01 Ian Holmes - Dumfries Collection Volume 1 Book 9.59   
Over forty pieces in each book, with an equal selection of styles in all three volumes. A tremendous collection of Scottish, Irish, Swiss, French and Scandinavian style accordion solos and duets written by the master Ian Holmes. Notes on style and technique combined with beautifully clear type, make this a great collection for any musician, box player or no.

IHBK02 Ian Holmes - Dumfries Collection Volume 2 Book 9.59   
IHBK03 Ian Holmes - Dumfries Collection Volume 3 Book 9.59   

BRHCD5                Kristine Kennedy - The Ocean Of His Love CD      11.49  
Kristine Kennedy's third album, but the first one featuring all her favourite hymns and psalms, including three of her grandmother's compositions.  All but two of the songs are in Gaelic.

BRHMC5                Kristine Kennedy - The Ocean Of His Love MC      8.15   

CCD44                   Murdo 'Domino' MacLeod - Cuibhl' An Fhortain                CD      11.25  
Murdo "Domino" MacLeod from Brue on the Isle Of Lewis won the gold medal for traditional singing at the National Mod in Fort William in 1999. Here he presents an album of unaccompanied traditional Gaelic songs.

SHIELCD015          Norma Ritchie - Land O' Heart's Desire                      CD      11.49  
A fine harp player and opera-trained singer in the "Kennedy-Fraser" style. With backing from David Hall (accordion), Judith Smith (fiddle) and Gillian Cummins (piano).

LTCD2002              Norman Kennedy - Live In Scotland                           CD      11.49  
Sixteen songs from one of the finest traditional ballad-singers and storytellers in Scotland.

DA41 The Colin Dewar Collection Book 8.29   
Colin is one of Scotland's leading accordion players, and dance band leaders.  Thirty five original compositions for accordion and fiddle.

GMM2009              The Moving Violations - Faster Than A Walk                  CD      12.15  
The hottest property on the Contra Dance Music scene. Fiddles, mandolin, banjo, guitar, piano, accordion, bass, percussion and feet! Tunes from Celtic, Scandinavian, Eastern Europe and America given the Contra Dance swing and drive.

BRHMC7                Together Joyfully: Psalm Singing From Ross-shire            MC      8.15   
Recorded live at the Dingwall Free Church, with a congregation of up to 120 featured on some tracks, smaller groups on others.  Fourteen psalms sung in English, four Gaelic psalms with precentor and congregation.

BRHCD7 Together Joyfully: Psalm singing from Ross-shire CD 11.49  

SL02 Tom Anderson - Gie's An A Book 9.99   
Shetland fiddle tunes from the great Tom Anderson. A4  96pp.

SL01 Tom Anderson - Ringing Strings Book 9.59   
A collection of Shetland tunes, some traditional, some attributed, many by Tom himself. Dance instructions are included, along with lots of incidental information. A4 104pp.

GLCD1212             Tommy Sands - To Shorten The Winter An Irish Christmas with CD      12.69  
An Irish Christmas with Tommy Sands. At least it's in plenty of time for next Christmas!

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CCD42                  Dena MacIver - Mo Dhuthaich Ri Tighinn Air m'Aire           CD      11.25   
A collection of accompanied and unaccompanied Gaelic songs from the Isle Of Lewis by  the youngest ever winner of the Mary Lamont Traditional Gold Medal at the National Mod. With accordion, whistle, keyboards and guitar.

BRHCD4               Donnie MacSween - Give Thanks                               CD      11.49   
Songs of praise from Donnie MacSween and friends from Kiltearn Parish Church, Evanton, Kiltearn Primary School and St. Ninian's Centre, Crieff.

BRHCD3               Donnie MacSween - Seinn Alleluia                            CD      11.49   
Hymns and choruses from "Mission Praise" translated into Gaelic and sung by Reverend Donnie MacSween.

CCD43                  Flannan Isle                                                CD      11.25   
Four suites composed by Richard Hill. The Flannan Isle consists of seven movements performed by the Stornoway Young musicians. Images' two movements are performed by Peter Nichols & The Holywell Ensemble.  The Three Scottish Dances piano duets are followed by The Flannan Isle Orchestral Suite.

CEFCD097            Philip King & Peter Browne - Seventeen Minutes To Seven     CD      12.45   
Songs and Uileann piping from two LPs recorded in the 1980s. "Warm charmsâ¦musical excitement"  Hot Press.

CEFCD015            Sean O Riada - Ceol Na Nuasal                               CD      12.45   
"The Music Of The Nobles" is a charming vocal and instrumental collection of the foreign influenced music of the genteel Ireland in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Pipes, whistles, fiddles and flute accompany the delightfully music-box like harpsichordal tones, with vocals by Seán à Sé.

CEFCD016            Sean O Riada - Ding Dong                                    CD      12.45   
Irish balladry from Seán à Sé, backed by the Dublin group Ceolóirí Chualann whose rich style is an amalgamation of the musical individualities of Clare, Waterford, Wexford and Laois.

CEFCD010            Sean O Riada - Reacaireacht An Riadaigh                     CD      12.45   
A grand set of songs, discourses and tunes in the traditional Irish style - storming, sweeping and with a grand touch of Blarney! Music from the Ceolóirí Chualann group, with bodhrans to the fore.

SHD4CD Spælimenninir - Burturav CD 11.49

SHD6CD               Spælimenninir à Hoydølum - à Ferd                           CD      11.49   

SHD2CD               Spælimenninir à Hoydølum - Umaftur                          CD      11.49   

SHD3CD               Sven Bjerg - Tjand                                          CD      11.49   
Traditional fiddler from West Jutland plays Danish folk dance music with piano and accordion accompaniment.

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