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Subj:	 Music In Scotland Newsletter - July, 2001
Date:	7/21/2001 9:42:52 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Jim Leighton)

Dear Fellow Celtic Music Enthusiast,


DFMCD0101    Matt Seattle & Mr McFall's String Quartet    CD    £11.69

An unusual combination of border pipes and string quartet - as regularly
featured on Radio Scotland's Mr. Anderson's Fine Tunes.The
sweet-sounding border pipes are the 'other' traditional pipes of both
Scotland and Northumberland. Matt Seattle is one of their leading players,
and Mr. McFall's String Quartet are musical adventurers from the Scottish
Chamber Orchestra. Together they make music that is sometimes earthy,
sometimes ethereal, and always beautiful.

CDCOLL01    MacColl Family - Da Thaobh Loch Seile    CD    £11.49

This recording is a taste of the music and of a Highland family which has
preserved the cultural legacy of bygone generation.  The MacColl family
have lived as crofters, stalkers and shepherds around the
Argyll-Inverness-shire boundary for hundreds of years.  They have long
been renowned as bards, musicians and tradition-bearers.  "Dà Thaobh
Loch Seile is a recording totally devoid of pretence, beautifully presented
and brilliantly played"  Fergie MacDonald.

CDFSR1709    Croft No. Five - Attention All Personnel    CD    £11.49

A dynamic combo of six highlanders with an up-to-the-minute approach to
their Scottish traditional music. Fiddle, whistle, and accordion combine
guitar, bass, drums, effects and samples to create an exhilarating high
energy mix of dance and funk grooves. Cutting The Cake, Release Da
Hounds, Phat Jigs, Half Inch, Legless, Lanark, Knightmare, Rancid
Maidens, Track 1, Gambrinus, 4Foreplay, Dave's White Astra, Escape

COMD2086    Christine Primrose - Gun Sireadh, Gun     CD    £11.49

One of the finest Gaelic voices around?.crystal clear and pure. "With
Christine's ability to convey emotion, the language barrier is hardly
relevant." Ceann Traigh Ghruiieart, An Gille Dubh Ciar-Dhubh, A Mhairead
Og, Bean A' Chotain Ruaoidh, An Till Mise Chaoidh, Oganaich An Or-Fhuilt
Bhuidhe, Oran Mu'n Ghruagaich, Dheanainn Sugradh Ris An Nigh'n Dubh,
Soraidh Bho Granger, Do Ghaidheil Shiatail, Nach Truagh Leat Mi 'S Tu'n
Eirinn, So Nam Shineadh Air An T-Sliabh.

CSP555    Ben Edom - Spindrift    CD    11.49

Fresh, vital Celtic and contemporary music with a masterful blend of
moods, textures and flavours. Ben (acoustic, nylon-string, bass and
electric guitars, didgeridoo, bodhran) is joined by Debra Carey (clarsach &
percussion) and Nick Turner (piano) for an album of contemporary
sounding traditional tunes from Scottish, Irish and classical traditions.
Spindrift, Streets Of London, Return From Fingal, West Wind, Banish
Misfortune, Planxty Irwin, What A Wonderful World, Caoidh Iain Ruaidh,
Classical Soul, Birlinn Latharna, Jesu Joy Of Man's Desiring, The Gray

SMR119CD    A Selection Of Popular Dances    CD    11.15

Popular dance bands play popular dances. Bill Black, Peter Bruce, Davie
Stewart, Jimmy Cassidy, Wayne Robertson, Steven Carcary, Donny &
Diane, and Willie McGuire. Black Mountain Reel, The Boston Two-step,
Waltz Country Dance, Barn Dance, Circassian Circle, Veleta Waltz, Eva
Three-step, Polka, Gay Gordons, Swedish Masquerade, Dashing White
Sergeant, Postie's Jig, Samba, Brittania Two-step, Island Schottische,

GLCD1213    Lunasa - The Merry Sisters Of Fate    CD    12.49

A fantastically inventive and supremely talented group of musicians; fiddler
Sean Smyth, Kevin Crawford (flute), Trevor Hutchison (bass), Donogh
Hennessy (guitar) and Cillian Vallely (uillean pipes) have earned rave
reviews world-wide. "They bring a fiery, almost rock-like energy to their
alluringly complex arrangements."

SHSCD173    John Cairns - Double Gold    CD    12.19

In the autumn of 1999 John Cairns became the 11th person ever and the
first from outside Scotland to have won the Highland Society of London's
Gold Medal in Piobaireachd at both the Argyllshire Gathering in Oban and
the Northern Meeting in Inverness in the same year. This CD provides you
with a chance to hear John at his best with a wide selection of music from
jigs, reels and marches to a piobaireachd.

NUTCD003    Eriskay Lilt - Dreaming In The West    CD    11.99

Eriskay Lilt (Don & Kathleen MacDonald) present the follow-up album to
their highly successful "Just A Little Bit". The same eclectic mixture of
traditional and contemporary songs and tunes?from Strip the Willow to
Duelling Banjos, from the Uist Tramping song to Abba's Waterloo! Great
value - packed with 21tracks!!

SKYECD17    Bruce MacGregor - 101 Reasons To Do     CD    12.19

Blazin' Fiddles frontman's 'solo' album?stunning fiddling, great tunes (many
his own compositions) and a stunning line up of backing musicians make
this one of the top releases this year. Musicians include Phil Cunningham,
Jonnie Hardie, Ingrid Henderson, Arthur Cormack and many more! The
Highlanders Revenge, Cambridge Caravan Catastrophe, Liza Mulholland,
Sir Henri Laphroig Dinoir Of Cluthiebootle, Grindaboo, Cajan Chaz, 101
Reasons, Cianalach, The Promotion Jig, The Miser, Peggy Mulholland, Bill
And Sandy, Falls Of Lora, Cropey's Lament For King George V.

KSCD007    Hoogie - Just For The Halibut!    CD    11.49

A folk/ceilidh band in the contemporary style? "stomping jigs, thrilling
and sad airs". Dougie Hunter (accordion), Keith Smith (fiddle & pipes),
Kenneth Knowles (percussion), Kenn Clark (guitar, bass & vocals).
Fleabag 1 & 2, Sileas, Tae Pad The Road Wi' Me, Squeakin' Fiddle, Larides,
Duncan And The Botachs, Deeply Disturbed, I'm Too Sexy For My Fiddle,
Braigh Loch Iall, Wee Archie's Jigs, La Dispute, Find You, Marches, Leakin'
Pipes, Booshy's On The Booze.


BIA4045    Tammy Wynette - Singing My Song    CD    6.99

A great CD from the first lady of country music.  Includes the classics
D.I.V.O.R.C.E. and Stand By Your Man.

BIA4053    Acker Bilk    Stranger On The Shore    CD    6.99

Well-known popular songs played by the king of the clarinet. Stranger On
The Shore, Nights In White Satin, White Cliffs Of Dover, Lay Lady Lay,
Buona Sera, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Summer Set, Everything I Do I Do
For You, That's My Home, etc ?..

BIA4085    City Of Wellington Highland Pipe Band    CD    11.69

An excellent selection of tracks from a top pipe band. Fear A Bhata, Loch
Lomond, Blue Bells Of Scotland, Highland Warrior, etc?

BIA4130    Raul & His Indian Pipe Band - Pan Pipe     CD    6.99

Soothing panpipes.  Tunes include My Heart Will Go On, How Deep Is Your
Love, Eternal Flame, Another Day In Paradise, If You Don't Know Me By
Now, Lady In Red, You're Still The One and All By Myself.

BIA4168    Ian Powrie's Dance Party - A Tribute To     CD    11.69

The legendary Ian Powrie at his best. Highland Cathedral, A Lass From
Glasgow Town, Lunan Bay, The Clan McColl, Scotty Wilson, Donald
MacLean Of Rothesay, Old Scottish Waltz, The Crags Of Tumbledown

BIA4169    Gordon Pattullo - Scottish Accordion     CD    6.99

One of Scotland's most popular accordion players. Sailors Hornpipe,
Cuckoo Waltz, Para Handy, Miss Suzanne Barbour, Jean's Fancy, Boys Of
The Lough, Alpine Holiday, Dashing White Sergeant, The Dark Island, etc?.

BIA4170    Morriston Orpheus Choir  - You'll Never     CD    6.99

Established in 1935, they have long been hailed as one of the three best
Welsh choirs that have ever been.  The Morriston Orpheus Choir has
toured world-wide singing to audiences of thousands, and on the way
gaining ever increasing support from followers of their music.

BIA4171    Treorchy Male Choir - A Garland Of     CD    6.99

The origins of the Treorchy Male Choir date back to 1883, to a pub in its
own hometown. The choir has now become a Welsh legend and one of
the most famous male voice combinations in the world.  Relax and enjoy 'A
Garland Of Welsh Songs'.

CDC065    Shawn Cuddy - Can We Go Round     CD    10.15

Popular Irish Country singer.

DMPCD2001    Frank Kilkelly - Accompanying Irish     CD    11.69

Frank (steel-strung & nylon-strung guitars), is joined by Alan Kelly (piano
accordion) and fiddlers Eilish O'Connor, Mick Conneely, Karen Ryan and
Teresa Heanue. Companion to the tutor book of the same name.

CMRCV1007    Isla Grant - Sings    Video GB    12.49

Featuring special guests Foster & Allen and introduced by Mary Kennedy.
Over The Years, What's A Girl To Do?, Mother's Chair, Lovely Lough Conn,
Love Me Tonight, How Great Thou Art, The Little Shirt My Mother Made For
Me, Mother, Cottage In The Country, Only Yesterday, A Single Yellow
Rose, Listen To The Children, Like You Always Could Do, Will You Walk

PMCD002    Brendan Power - New Irish Harmonica    CD    11.69

The incredible mouthie player from New Zealand who played in
Riverdance gives Irish music his distinctive treatment. Pure brilliance!

BIA2009    Marching On; A Selection Of Marching     CDx2    7.99

Dambuster's March, Tunes Of Glory, The Great Escape, Bright Eyes, The
Battle Of Britain, Can't Buy Me Love, The Thunderer, Stars And Stripes
Forever, King Cotton, Manhattan Beach Diplomat March, etc?

LCRCD1    Lomond Ceilidh Band - Live In The Studio    CD    11.49

Rose Of Allendale, Peggy Gordon, Waiting For The Federals, Raglan Road,
Bonnie Ship The Diamond, Farewell To The Tay, Loch Lomond, Tell Me Ma,
Hornpipes, Carrickfergus, Caledonia, Last Set.

DMPCD9401    Karen Tweed - Drops Of Springwater    CD    11.69

Séamus O'Sullivan (keyboard), Gordon Tyrral (guitar) and Peter Houlahan
(bodhran) join Karen (bass Guerrini piano accordion) on this album of Irish
dance tunes.

DMPCD9402    Karen Tweed  - The Silver Spire    CD    11.69

An inspiring collection of Irish session tunes from the repertoire of Karen
Tweed.  Karen (bass Guerrini piano accordion) is joined by Séamus
O'Sullivan (piano), Gordon Tyrral (guitar) and Peter Houlahan (bodhran).
DR14    Diatonic Liasons Contemporary French &    Book    22.99
Andy Cutting, Dave Roberts, Bruno Le Tron, Alain Pennec, Alan Lamb,
Trevor Upham, Frederic Paris, and Marc Perrone all contributed tunes to
this substantial collection. Text in English and French throughout. 134
pages, spiral bound A4.

DR15    Swedish Fiddle Music    Book    11.99

53 traditional Swedish tunes arranged for two fiddles by Ben Paley, with a
short introduction on notation, ornamentation and bowing. 68 pages,
stapled A4.

DR16    Massif Central Tune Book No. 1    Book    9.99
125 traditional dance tunes from cental France: Bourrees, Mazurkas,
Polkas, Scottishs, Valses and other tunes. Compiled by Mel Stevens. 32
pages stapled A4.

DR17    Massif Central Tune Book No. 2    Book    9.99

115 traditional dance tunes from cental France: Bourrees, Mazurkas,
Polkas, Scottishs, Valses and other tunes. Compiled by Mel Stevens. 32
pages stapled A4.

DR18    Dansons La Morvandelle    Book    9.99

A collection of traditional French dance tunes from the Morvan, compiled
by Mike Gilpin. Bourrees, Mazurkas, Branles, Polkas, Scottishs, Marches,
Valses and other tunes. 32 pages stapled A4.

CMCD1078    Isla Grant -  Mother    CD    11.15

A very popular Scottish & Irish Country singer with natural warmth.  My
Homeland, Listen To The Children, Mother, God Please Forgive Me,
Mother's Chair, The Old Accordian Man, One More Time, Sweet Baby Mine,
Cottage In The Country, Dark Deep Rolling Water, There's Nothing New I'm
Missing You, Life's Storybook Cover, Till The Day That He Met You, Leaves
In The Wind, The Ghosts Of Culloden.


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