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Subj:	 Music In Scotland Newsletter - April, 2001
Date:	4/13/2001 11:40:49 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Jim Leighton)

Dear Fellow Celtic Music Enthusiast,



ASDCD01    Agnes Dickson - Ceol Mo Chridhe    CD    11.49
A glorious CD of Gaelic song pure and simple. Solo, gently accompanied or
double-tracked in very atmospheric manner, Agnes' voice sweeps and
soars in a manner that will appeal to the purist and even to those who don't
particularly like Gaelic song. With Phil Cunningham (keyboards), and Dougie

EUCD1599    Celtic Folk Festival    CD    9.69
A collection of songs and instrumental tracks performed by The Dubliners,
Margie Butler, Kieran Fahy, Noel MeLoughim, Helen Flaherty, Florie Brown,
Pride Of Murray Pipe Band, Golden Bough and Tara, Bleizi Ruz and Gwendal.

EUCD1311    Clan Sutherland Pipe Band - Pipes &     CD    11.79
Formerly known as the Dan Air Scottish Pipe Band, this dedicated group play
a selection of popular Scottish sets, Irish tunes and a Bulgarian dance on
small pipes.

BRIGHTCD0209  Drop The Box - Loveday    CD    11.69
Contemporary Shetland band with folk-influenced fiddle. James Henry
guitar, vocals), Russell 'Sagar' Gair (drums, percussion, vocals), Jonathan
Ritch (bass, piano, guitars, vocals), Eilidh Shaw (fiddle, vocals) and Inge
Thomson (accordion, flute, vocals).

EUCD1645    Enrique Ugarte - Classics On The     CD    11.79
Enrique was born in 1957 in Tolosa, in the Basque province of Spain. He
gave his first public concert at the age of four in front of an audience of
1500 people. "...a musician with incredible versatilitv". Sabre Dance,
Dc Ravel. Eine KIeine Nachtmusik…

CDTRAX210    Eric Bogle - By Request    CD    11.49
A fantastic collection of Eric's most requested songs and includes many of
his 'hits'.  This album replaces 'The Eric Bogle Songbook' Volumes 1 and 2
which have now been deleted (stocks are still available).  The Gift Of
Santa Bloody Claus, A Reason For It All, Leaving Nancy (live), He's
Nobody's Moggy Now, No Man's Land, Singing The Spirit Home, If Wishes
Were Fishes, Now I'm Easy, Safe In The Harbour, Silly Slang Song, Glasgow
Lullaby, One Small Star, Big In A Small Way, And The Band Played Waltzing

EUCD1261    Grampian Police Pipe Band - Pipes And     CD    11.69
Formerly the Aberdeen City Police Pipe Band formed in 1907, the band now
competes in Grade 2. A firm favourite of the people of the north East, the
band plays at many events throughout the year. Its fame has spread beyond
the region as a result of performances abroad including Germany, France,
Sweden, Switzerland and Canada.

TCD3-2188-2    Jean Carignan - Archives    CD    14.99
3 CD set of traditional Irish, Scottish and Quebecios music by this amazing
fiddler. Recorded at his home in 1976.

TCD2088-2    Jean Carignan - Fantasie Hommage     CD    11.69
Fiddler Jean Carignan was born in Levis, Quebec on 7th December. He
learned his vast repertoire, which contains over 5,000 traditional tunes,
entirely by ear. This CD is a fascinating combination of solo fiddle with
chamber orchestra, playing arrangements of Quebecois. Irish and Scottish

GLCD1211    Kevin Crawford - In Good Company    CD    12.49
A fantastic Irish instrumental album. Flute and whistle player Kevin
is in very good company as he is joined on this CD by Martin Hayes (viola),
Mick Conneely (fiddle, bouzouki), Arty McGlynn (guitar), Jim Higgins
bodhran), Carl Hession (keyboards) and fiddlers Sean Smyth, James
Cullinan, Frankie Gavin, Martin Hayes, Tony Linnane, Tommy Peoples, Manus

EUCD1347    Kinross & District Pipe Band - Scottish     CD    11.69
Selection of pipe band favourites from this Grade 3 Championship band. Pipe
solos, midi accordion guest, and small pipe solo too.

CDFSR1708    Margaret Bennett - In The Sunny Long     CD    11.49
Featuring Martyn Bennett. Margaret relives the old 'kitchen' sessions - sing
along with good old friends and good old songs

EUCD1316    Margie Butler - The Magic Of The Celtic     CD    11.79
Margie grew up in very musical surroundings and realised her true musical
expression when she discovered the Celtic folk harp. With her easy going
and entertaining style of playing, she has toured since 1980 with the
internationally acclaimed group Golden Bough as harper and vocalist.

FECD146    Martyn Wyndham-Read & No Man's     CD    11.49
Martyn (vocals, guitar), Iris Bishop (accordion, duet concertina), Ian
(accordion), Terry Potter (mouth organ), Gary Holder (bass) are
accompanied by Bob Winquist (fiddle, viola) and Linda Adams (harmony
vocals) on a few tracks. Songs from Australia, songs of innocent death in
war, and the song of a female soldier.

SMR116CD    Perth Strathspay & Reel Society - A     CD    11.19
With guests John Napier & Liz Rourke, Bruce Wilson, Anne Pack and John
Reid. The Auchtermuchty Ceilidh, Valarie Farr's Reel, Campbell's Frolic,
Yellow On The Broom, Leslie Angus, The Wild Rose Of The Mountain, The
Kessington Two-step, The Barrowburn Reel, Leaving Lismore, The Hills Of
Alva, Corn Riggs, Jimmy And Anne Shand's Golden Wedding Two-step,
Waltz Pasadena, The Uist Tramping Song, The Royal Scots Polka, T M. £ A.
March, Sherwood Rangers, Eamonn An Chnoic, Peter's Peerie Boat, The

RGNET1033CD    Rhythm-Time: World Percussion    CD    9.69
A fantastic mixture of drums and percussion from Nigeria, Brazil, Ghana,
India, Zimbabwe and Cuba.

CDTRAX216    Robert Brown & Robert B. Nicol -     CD    11.49
Volume three of this highly acclaimed series of original recordings of the
'Bobs Of Balmoral' giving instruction on the art of piobaireachd.  This
of recordings are mainly intended for instructional purposes but they are
of great historic interest and value.  "A must for everyone interested in

RGNET1052CD    Rough Guide To The Music Of Wales    CD    9.69
The traditional music of Wales is one of Europe's best kept secrets. Based
on Celtic, medieval, renaissance, baroque, romantic and native art elements,
the music of Wales has a freshness that is hard to find at the beginning of
the 21" Century. This CD features tracks from the country's biggest musical
talents, old and new, and indigenous instruments, including Welsh triple
Pube Cwd (bagpipe) and Pibgorn (a shepherd's single-reed pipe).

EUCD1150    The Dan Air Scottish Pipe Band - Best Of    CD    11.79
Since the band formed in 1988, they have won many prizes in Royal Scottish
Pipe Band Association competitions and are Grade Two European
Champions. With Pipe Major J. M. Banks (former Pipe Major Scots Guards and
household piper to HM Queen Elizabeth).

EUCD1642    The Dubliners - Irish Pub Songs    CD    13.29
In the history of Irish music no group has created and maintained their
as effectively as the Dubliners. They began their career in 1962 and,
although the line-up has changed many times over the years, they are still
performing great music today. This album includes 'Seven Drunken Nights'
which topped the Irish charts and reached number 5 in the British Pop

CDTRAX205    The Easy Club - The Easy Club    CD    11.49
This is the CD re-release of he crucial first album by this legendary Scots
band, released on vinyl in 1984 and unavailable for many years.  The musical
adventures of The Easy Club fusing Scots folk with jazz, swing and
rhythms from everywhere, were years ahead of their time and with a
superb line-up of Jack Evans (guitar), John Martin (fiddle), Rod Paterson
(vocals, guitar) and Jim Sutherland (cittern, bodhran, percussion), they
remain unsurpassed in their musicianship and inventiveness.

WEF1    Where Eagles Fly: Drifting Away / The     Video GB    13.49
Hugely popular series of videos, showing the magnificent scenery of
Scotland. Commentary and filming by Hamish Macinnes; music and song by
Moira Kerr and other very talented musicians.

WEF2    Where Eagles Fly: Land Of Mountain &     Video GB    13.49

WEF8    Where Eagles Fly: Moira Kerr Sings    Video GB    13.49

WEF6    Where Eagles Fly: My Scotland 1    Video GB    13.49

WEF7    Where Eagles Fly: My Scotland 2    Video GB    13.49

WEF4    Where Eagles Fly: Palin's Progress /     Video GB    13.49

WEF5    Where Eagles Fly: Scottish Fantasia    Video GB    13.49

WEF3    Where Eagles Fly:Skye High / Sands Of     Video GB    13.49

CDTRAX9016D    William Matheson - Gaelic Bard &     CD    13.99
During his years as a lecturer and reader in the Celtic Department in the
University of Edinburgh, William Matheson was regarded by the staff of the
School of Scottish Studies as their most reliable consultant on questions of
Gaelic oral tradition, especially on songs and their melodies.  He was
recorded extensively by the School and this collection (previously available
on cassette) is now available on CD.  This double CD is accompanied by an
extensive booklet with explanations about the songs and includes the lyrics
in both English and Gaelic.

OBRCD01    Wolfstone - Live: Not Enough Shouting    CD    11.99
New Wolfstone album.


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