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Subj:	 Music In Scotland Newsletter - March, 2001
Date:	3/5/2001 2:36:06 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Jim Leighton)

Dear Fellow Celtic Music Enthusiast,



BK010          Alan Reid - Martyrs, Rogues &         Book      12.49

Alan Reid has been at the heart of the Battlefield Band since the
early days in 1969 and has seen them grow from a pub band in the west
  of Scotland to an internationally acclaimed concert group.  In this
book Alan has chosen his favourite traditional songs from those he
has sung and recorded, but mainly this is document of the
considerable body of the songs and tunes that he has composed over
the years.  Many have become Battlefield Band classics and are
becoming part of the modern folk repertoire.  With guitar chords and
explanatory notes for 37 songs and 27 tunes, this is a collection for
  anyone interested in the songs and music of Scotland, old and new.

RBCD1024       Anne Pack - Paddy Vincent             CD        11.49

A tribute in song to her late father Paddy Vincent, a unique
character with a great sense of humour and little regard for
responsibility.  Maggie, The Hills I Used To Roam, Amazing Grace, A
Love That Binds, Dark Island, One Day At A Time, Song For Ireland,
Paddy Vincent, Flower Of Scotland, Abide With Me, The Holy Ground,
When I Dream, Crossing The Borders, Paul's Song, The Spinning Wheel,

CAIL009CD      Annie S. Bell - Oor Ain Countrie      CD        11.49

This music from Annie will be a welcome addition to the collection of
  any fan of traditional music.  Along with a selection of her own
songs and verses, Annie has given us her interpretation of some
favourite songs from the Scottish folk repertoire.  This album is
certainly a strong follow-up to her previous album.  "All of Annie's
work is worthy of a listen and I am certain that you will become as
captivated as I have with the energy, poetry and quality of her

CAIL007CD      Annie S. Bell - Thochts O' Hame And   CD        11.49
Annie, now in her eighties, decided that her life's work should be
recorded by some means so that others could share her wonderful
cameos from a time gone by.  It seemed logical that, as she still had
  the stamina and ability, she should perform them herself.  This
album is a collection of song and verse plus a couple of instrumental
  pieces played in the traditional way on the button key melodeon and

COMD2085       Battlefield Band - Happy Daze         CD        11.49

New line-up.  Alan Reid (keyboards, vocals), John McCusker (fiddle,
cittern, whistles) and Mike Katz (small pipes, Highland bagpipes,
whistles) are joined by new member Karine Polwart (vocals, guitar).
The Devil's Courtship, An Dro, Medium Man, Floating Candles, Nighean
Cailleach Nan Cearc, The Banks Of Red Roses, Tiny Wee Vin, The Road
To The Aisle, The Riccarton Tollman's Daughter, Shepherd Lad, The
Merry Macs, Dr. Iain MacAonghais, Fonn Air Cailleach An T-Siosalaich,
  Happy Days, Whaur Will Ye Gang?, A Mile Down The Road Johnny's Jig,
Boys Of The Puddle, Start It All Over Again.

BRG022CD       Bobby Brown & The Scottish Accent -   CD        11.49

"Excitement! That's what fills the air from the first note to the
last chord when Bobby & the band perform? Scottish dancers go bonkers
  when the band reigns on our Gala."  O My America!, Military (or
Boston) Two-step,   St. Bernard's Waltz, Grandfather Mountain
Barndance, Strathspey Medley, Minuet, Jig Medley, Reel Medley, The
Gay Gordons, Herself, The Eva Three-step, Waltz (suitable for Janet's

BRG021CD       Bobby Brown & The Scottish Accent -   CDx2      12.99
                The Bobby Brown Collection
This double CD, in answer to many requests from music and dance
enthusiasts, is a compilation of the band's first three albums The
Island Fling (1979), Maid Of The Mill (1980) and Tarry A While
(1981).  The original recordings of these albums have been digitally
re-mastered to provide an enhanced sound.  The band are Bobby Brown
(accordion), Kathleen Fraser-Collins (piano), Steve Ozorak (2nd
accordion), Peter Kilpatrick (bass), Paul Langley (bass) and Mathew
Watson (drums).  The Island Fling, Dalkeith's Strathspey, The Happy
Meeting, The Birks Of Abergeldie, Haste To The Wedding, Mary
Hamilton, The Baldovan Reel, The Northern Meeting, The Irish Rover,
The Maid Of The Mill, Sir James Baird's Strathspey, Wedderburn's
Reel, Bothkennar, The Sutters Of Selkirk, The Village Reel, The
Hunting Horn, The Twa Meenit Reel, Tarry A While, The Duchess Of
Atholl's Slipper, Falconer Hall, Glasgow Country Dance, Dumbarton's
Drums, There's Nae Luck Aboot The Hoose, The Scots Bonnet, Bobby

COP0200CD      Jerry Holland - Crystal Clear         CD        11.49

Jerry is known for his expressive Cape Breton fiddle music.  His
instrument, a rare Austrian violin, has a deep soaring tone, rich in
harmonics and overtones.  On this new recording, Jerry plays
unaccompanied, his fiddle sparkling with Crystal Clear presence.  All
  the mysterious qualities of his tone and dynamics are revealed with
startling resolution and depth.  Crystal Clear intimately captures
the essence of the sound of one of the world's foremost Celtic

JMM001         Jim Mackay - Dancing In The Highland  Video GB  13.49

Filmed at the Town House in Inverness.  Gay Gordons, Waltz, Britannia
  Two-step, St. Bernard's Waltz, Polka, Pride Of Erin, Military
Two-step, Victory Waltz, Barndance, Eva Three-step, Russian Ballet,

CAIL004CD      Jozef Lozowy - Aite Cheilidh (The     CD        11.49
                Place Of The Ceilidh)

This CD is a tribute to the Ceilidh Place in Ullapool, Ross-shire.
The Road West, The Parlour, Jean Urquhart's Reel, The Clubhouse Reel,
  The Ceilidh Band, The Spirit Of The Land, Seeking The Dolphins, The
Gypsies, Stac Poly - The Awakening, Stac Poly - The Slumbering,
Connswater, Rowan The Beachcomber, The Mountain Stream, In The Right

CAIL008CD      Jozef Lozowy - Druidsmere  (Runic     CD        11.49

Runes are engraved shapes which acted as alphabet and symbols over
hundreds of years.  The sagas of the Nordic people and many of the
early Celtic carvings have Runic connections.  This haunting,
mystical album of instrumental music has been compiled to capture the

CAIL010CD      Jozef Lozowy - Filthy Knights And     CD        11.49
                Fayre Middens

At the age of seven, Jozef was taken to see the film 'Robin Hood'.
He was profoundly touched by the sound of the guitar and lute used in
  the soundtrack and has since had a love for the music of the 11th
Century through to the beginning of the 18th.  "I do not pretend to
stick to authentic arrangements and have no chance of affording
authentic or replica instruments.  I play the pieces as I feel them
and believe that the mood captured seems to sum up the period with a

RECD538        Matt McGinn - The Return Of The Two   CD        10.25
                Heided Man

The fun and humour of the legendary Matt McGinn is unmistakable.
Before his untimely death in 1977 Matt had written hundreds of songs.
   This very enjoyable double album features 25 songs, jokes, poems
and stories previously recorded on The Two Heided Man and The Two

HRMCD557       Rob Gordon - Country Dance, Ceilidh   CD        11.49

This CD is a re-release of Rob's Fourth Caledonian Ball and Dance
With Rob Gordon Volume 1.  For Country dance, Ceilidh dance, Old Time
  and Sequence, Rob Gordon's Band was one of the best.  Make up your
sets again for an evening of Rob's inimitable romping reels, jaunty
jigs and swinging strathspeys, then clasp your partner tightly to you
  and saunter through a selection of Old Time favourites.  Ellwyn's
Fairy Glen, Welcome To Queen's Cross, Off She Goes In The North,
Seann Truibhas Willichan, The Reel Of Five, Maxwell's Rant, Waltz
Country Dance, Tribute To The Borders, Garry Strathspey, Teviot Brig,
  The Gay Gordons, Hesitation Waltz, The Maxina, Dinkie One-step.

GRACD298       Storytellers - An Album Of Classic    CD        12.69
                Folk Songs
Janis Ian At Seventeen, Eva Cassidy Penny To My Name, John Martyn May
  You Never, Emmylou Harris Jerusalem Tomorrow, Richard & Linda
Thompson Walking On A Wire, Sharon Shannon & Steve Earle The Galway
Girl, Eliza Carthy Whirly Whorl, Sinead Lohan To Ramona, Sean Keane
Galway To Graceland, Sandy Denny Who Knows Where The Time Goes, Joan
Baez No Mermaid, Nick Drake Northern Sky, Mary Black The Thorn Upon
The Rose, Waterson:Carthy Midnight On The Water, Kate Rusby Our Town,
  Robert Wyatt Shipbuilding.


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