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Subj:	 Music In Scotland Newsletter - January, 2001
Date:	1/16/2001 2:54:48 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Jim Leighton)

Dear Fellow Celtic Music Enthusiast,


We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a successful and
prosperous New Year. The January, 2001 edition of the Music In Scotland
newsletter features a large number of new albums released since our last
newsletter in November last year. The Music In Scotland database currently
has in excess of 2500 tapes, videos, CDs and books.

We do hope you will enjoy finding out what's new in the Scottish music

you've come to expect)

ABCD004        Alan Bain - Highlanders On The March  CD        11.49

 Old style piping from this veteran piper.  Alan's drones were based
 on the style of a very ancient set of high-pitched "black sticks".
 MacCrimmon, MacNeils Of Ugadale, Goats Are Deaf In Harvest, Leaving
 St. Kilda, P.M. Donald MacLean, Leaving Port Askaig, Loch Duich &
 Loch Rannoch, Cameron Highlanders, 79th Farewell To Gibraltar,
 Flowers Of The Forest, Leaving Lismore & Braigheach Lochiel, Theid Mi
  Dhachaidh, Hills Of Glenorchy, Glendaruel Highlanders,

 VERTCD054      Alyth McCormack - An Iomall: The      CD        12.99

 Debut album from Alyth. Hi Horo, A Mhairead Og, MacCrimmon, Mo
 Thruaigh, MhicShiridh, O Mo Dhuthaich, The Selkie, Tha Mulaidh,
 Bothan, A Fhleasgaich
 Oig, Mar A Tha, Dheannain Sugradh.  "I come from the Isle Of Lewis
 and I loved being raised there.  Lewis is exposed and weather-torn
 and this is evident in its culture, but it is also beautiful and
 compelling; in this album I wanted to express these extremes which
 are also inherent in Gaelic songs and Gaelic culture."  Alyth
 McCormack.  Fascinating blend of a pure, age-old, simple style of

 PELV01         An Ceasnachadh - Interrogation Of A   Video GB  9.99

 Mainly in Gaelic with English sub-titles, An Ceasnachadh is now
 available on video. This moving representation of the questioning in
 Gaelic of Kay Matheson on her part in the taking of the Stone Of
 Destiny is fascinating in its portrayal of intensity of emotion,? and
  the frustration of the interrogating officer who cannot comprehend
 the language or the strength of  national feeling involved.  The BBC
 screening of this dramatic film may have been interrupted by bad

 PELV01NTSC     An Ceasnachadh - Interrogation Of A   VideoUSA  9.99
                Highland Lass

 EUCD1602       Bagpipes Of Celtic Galicia            CD        11.99

 Galicia is a Celtic region of Spain.  One of the main Galician folk
 instruments is a kind of bagpipe, often played together with flute,
 accordion, bass and a treble drum, and frequently used to accompany

EUCD1407       Best Of Scottish Pipes & Drums        CD        7.49

 A quality piping CD at a great price!!  With The Queen's Royal
 Pipers, The Dan Air Scottish Pipe Band, Kinross & District Pipe Band,
  The Waltham Forest Pipe Band, The Beeston Pipe Band, Grampian Police
  Pipe Band, Clan Sutherland Pipe Band, Stonehaven Pipe Band, Pride Of
  Murray Pipe Band and The Scots Guards.

 ABC102         Bill Clement - Piper's Choice         CD        11.99

 Scottish Country Dance music and listening sets from Bill Clement
 (pipes) with Muriel Johnstone's Band, Tom Carrick (organ) and Robert
 Lind (baritone). Black Watch Tunes, The Saltire Society Reel, Major
 Iain Stewart, Mr Yasumuro's Strathspey, Highland Schottische, Church
 Music Selection, Atsuko's Wedding, Jo McDiarmid's Jig, The Duchess Of
 Slipper, Blue Bonnets Over The Border, The Reel Of The Royal Scots,
 Scottish Waltz, Church Music Selection, The Earl Of Mansfield, The
 Colonel Is A Lady, Eightsome Reel, Sine Bhan.

MOICD019       Ca Canny - Nine Hours In Auld Reekie  CD        11.99

Three-piece folk band from the Moray Firth area, playing traditional
 and traditional sounding songs and tunes in a very easy-going
 traditional manner. Garrick MacPherson (vocals), Derek Ritchie
 (banjo, mandolin,mandola, flute, whistles) and Jeff Maclean (guitar,
 mandolin). Up And Waur Them All Willie, Arisaig, Lorna's Waltz, Earl
 Of Marche's Daughter, Victory
 Rag, Tae The Beggin', Sober Men And Planty, The Lass O' Glenshee, For
  Ireland I'll Not Tell Her Name, The Lass From Erin's Isle, The
 Rolling Hills Of The Border, Belle O' Broughton, Yellow On The Broom,
  The Bleacher Lass O' Kelvinhaigh, Golden Golden.

 CAL003CD       Cal - Scotland - A Part Of Me         CD        10.99

 A confident debut album from a very fine singer. With hints of Runrig
  his style is contemporary, his voice powerful. A name to watch!
 Distant Pipers, In Her Mother Tongue, The Lost Days, Dochas Naomha,
 In A New Light, Green Grow The Rashes O, (Scotland) A Part Of Me,
 Rest And Be Thankful, Passion For The Homelands, Old Young Boy, Come
 By The Hills, Heaven To Me. (Lyrics included).

 PAP01          Catriona MacDonald - Bold             CD        11.99

 A tremendous album from the 'Shetland Fiddle Diva' . Shetland-style
 contemporary playing, showing a feminine touch, but no lack of
 stamina! The arrangements are intuitive, the playing is in the blood.

 EUCD1383       Celtic Brittany                       CD        11.99

 A great introduction featuring Bleizi Ruz, Gwendal, Dan Ar Bras and
 many more.

EUCD1445       Celtic Brittany 2                     CD        11.99

 This selection features Bleizi Ruz, Yvon Etienne, Bernard Benoit,
 Etienne Grandjean, and many more

 EUCD1605       Celtic Harp; O Carolan's Dream        CD        11.99

 A musical tribute to the blind Irish harper Turlough O'Carolan played
  by Aryeh Frankfurter.

 SKYEBK02       Ceol Nam Feis Volume 2                Book      12.99

 At last the follow-up to the hugely popular first volume of songs and
  tunes from the Feis movement.

 ERCD018        Children's White Christmas            CDsingle  5.99

 CD single featuring Elisa Mason with the Caithness Primary School
 Choirs, accompanied by John Newton (acoustic guitars) and Addie
 Harper (harp, keyboards).  The tracks are White Christmas and Over

 HRCD0007       Declan Nerney - Going Round & Round   CD        9.49

 Lay back and listen or bounce up and boogie with this phenomenally
 successful Irish singer.  Stop The World And Let Me Off, Gotta Get Up
  In The Morning, Anna From Fermanagh, Part Of The Journey, Blueside
 Of Lonesome, Come Home To You, In Your Arms, With This Ring, Come
 With Me Molly, Love Me, I Don't Need A Picture, Why Must You Throw
 Dirt In My Face, Let's Dance, Alays True, Winter Winds, Lovely Derry

 HRMC007        Declan Nerney - Going Round & Round   MC        6.99

 SMR109         Donny & Diane - Our Kind Of Music     MC        7.49

 Donny Smith (Midi 5-row button key accordion) and Diane Mearns (Midi
 piano accordion) are joined by Davie Stewart (harmony piano
 accordion) for some
 good old marches, waltzes and reels, plus a couple of solos and a set

 SMR109CD       Donny & Diane - Our Kind Of Music     CD        10.99

 EA04           Eric Allan - Fiddler's  Burns         Book      10.49
 All the tunes you'll need for a Burns night session or performance,
 with a bit of history, and some harmony..what more could you want!!

 CICD130        Gear¢id¡n Bhreathnach - Ar Fhoscadh   CD        12.49
                Na gCnoc

 Traditional singing from the Donegal Gaeltacht. Gear¢id¡n has won all
  the major Oireachtas awards for singing, and several storytelling
 competitions. An Droighnean Donn, Caitlin Triall, Mo Sheanchara
 Dhilis, Criocha 'n Oileain Uir, Cumha an Fhile, Cianach Corrach, Ni
 Fheicfear Nios Mo Thu A Mhuirnin, Tiocfaidh An Samhradh, Thios I Lar
 An Ghleanna, An Seanduine Doite, An Loch Sa Ghleann, A Mhuirnin Og,
 An Baitileir, An Saighdiuir Treigthe, Buachaill Deas Og, Thios, I

 ZOECD02        Geordie Jack & Caledonia - Live In    CD        11.49

 Sing-along classics from this very popular showband.   Big Bayou,
 Road Of Life, Good To See You, Bottle Let Me Down, New Moon Night,
 All Your Beauty,
 Rose Of My Heart, Jigs & Reels, There Goes My Everything, Love Never

 CMCD1074       Isla Grant - Only Yesterday           CD        12.49

 Joy and heartache, love and faith, its all there in Isla's songs.
 Partners In Rhyme, Lovely Lough Conn, Will You Walk With Me? Only
 Yesterday, Love Me
 Tonight, Simply Being You, Like You Always Could Do, A Single Yellow
 Rose, Over The Years, What's A Girl To Do? Leave Me The Way That I

 TTRCD100       Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies - Live At  CDx2      14.49
                 The Davy Lamp

 Double CD of 22 songs; plus video, lyrics & photos accessible by CD
 Rom! Recorded live at the Davy Lamp Folk Club, Washington.

 SMR111         John Murdo Martin "Pordy" - I Heard   MC        7.49
                The Voice?

 John's singing is accompanied by Diane Mearns (piano accordion),
 Donny Smith (5-row Continental accordion) and Ross MacPherson (piano
  Man Of Sorrows, I Heard The Voice, Nuair Sheallas Mi Air Crann An
 Aigh, His Coming Draweth Nigh, 'Se Iosa Criosd, Sands Of Time, My
 Jesus I Love Thee, Amazing Grace, Psalm 23 (Bays Of Harris), O God

 SMR111CD       John Murdo Martin "Pordy" - I Heard   CD        10.99
                The Voice?

 SCD2135        Mairi MacInnes & Cor Meibion Llangwm  CD        11.99

 This well-known and highly popular Welsh choir adds the vocal talents
  of one of Scotland's top Gaelic singers for an unforgettable album.

 CMSBK01        P/M Andrew Venters' Original          Book      18.99
                Collection of Ceol Beag And Ceol

 60 tunes with free "playing book" CDRom enclosed.

 CCF34CD        Pierre Schryer & Dermot Byrne - 2     CD        11.99
                World United

 "Two master musicians - Pierre of Canada and Dermot of Ireland's
 Altan - create a tantalizing transatlantic link between their
 respective traditions.  This is the fiddle and accordion music of
 breathtaking diversity and dexterity".  Earle Hitchener - The Wall

 EUCD1508       Pipes & Drums From Celtic Brittany    CD        11.99

 Bagad Du Moulin Vert showcase the pipes, bombardes, biniou-koz and
 other instruments.

 EUCD1213       Pipes & Drums Of Scotland             CD        9.99

 Beeston Pipe Band, Waltham Forest Pipe Band, Pride Of Murray Pipe
 Band, Dan Air Pipe Band.

 SMR110CD       Ross MacPherson - My Own Choice       CD        10.99

 Not just another accordion album, but a set of very slick
 arrangements including bagpipes with dance band backing, hilarious
 finger-pickin' cross-overs,  marches to set your sporran swinging on
 the off-beat and a full-blooded ceilidh dance collection - fit to
 sweat your socks off. Featuring World Champion piper Angus MacColl.
 Paddy's Leather Breeches, Canadian Barn Dance, Miss Helen T Smith,
 Jake MacKay's Two-step, Pipe Tunes, A Trip To Windsor, 6/8 Pipe
 Marches, Gaelic Waltz, Nurse Mairi Graham's Jig, 2/4 Pipe Marches,
 Modern Waltz, Boston Two-step, The Sands Of Kuwait, Da Tushkar, Eva
 Three-step, Gaelic Waltz, Highland Schottische, Strip The Willow.

 SMR110         Ross MacPherson - My Own Choice       MC        7.49

 CC15CD         Se n Potts & Paddy Moloney - Tin      CD        11.99

 Founder members of The Chieftains, Sean and Paddy whistle their way
 through Irish folk classics of many ages, to great effect.

 EUCD1349       Stonehaven Pipe Band - Spirit Of      CD        11.99

 As the band has grown and developed, it has cultivated its own
 distinctive musical style.  This album clearly demonstrates how their
  repertoire slips smoothly from traditional Scottish melodies through
  the strict disciplines of the traditional march, strathspey and
 reel, to the innovative dance music of Britanny and Galicia.

 EUCD1535       The Bagpipes Of Spanish Asturias      CD        11.99

 Performed by folk dance group Sabugo ­Tente Firme!

 SMR112         The Colliston Sound - Another Round   MC        7.49

 Three accordions, fiddle and drums make for a very round sound, just
 right for an evening of waltzes, jigs, reels, and a polka too.

 SMR112CD       The Colliston Sound - Another Round   CD        10.99

 MOICD020       The Corries - Live From Scotland      CD        11.99

 During the 1970's, at the height of a long and successful career, The
  Corries embarked on a series of concerts throughout Scotland.  A
 unique atmosphere marked these nights and the resulting recordings
 are considered to be among the foremost of their kind.  The first two
  are now available here as a 2CD set digitally re-mastered from the
 best-selling original
 vinyl.  Contains original artwork with new notes from Ronnie Browne.
 Fallady, Mingulay Boat Song, Lads Among The Heather, A Scottish
 Holiday, Hugh The Graeme, Maggie Lauder, The Roses Of Prince Charlie,
  Dark Lochnagar, Loch Tay Boat Song, The Mhm Song, Flower Of
 Scotland, Lock The Door Lariston, Sunday Driver, Come O'er The Stream
  Charlie, King Fareweel, Yur Losin' Them, Ettrick Lady, Nancy Whisky,
  Sae Will We Yet, Lord Yester, The Reivers Galley, La-D-Dum, Johnny

 SMR113CD       The Davie Stewart Trio - Step Out In  CD        10.99

 Davie Stewart (piano accordion), Bill Ewan (keyboard) and Kevin Milne
  (drums).  Each set on this album is followed by an encore, as would
 normally happen at an evening's dance.  An ideal collection for Old
 Time Dancers, this album can be listened to and enjoyed by all.
 Marine Four-step, Windsor Foxtrot, Festival Glide, Cuckoo Waltz,
 Sapphire Samba, Breakaway Blues, Harry Lime Foxtrot, Ruby Waltz,

 SMR113         The Davie Stewart Trio - Step Out In  MC        7.49

 MMRCD1012      The Irish Folk Festival 2000          CD        12.49

 Featuring Nomos, Karan Casey & Robbie Overson, Joe Burke & Anne
 Conroy and Kennedy's Gathering Storms.  Four great Celtic acts
 brought together for

 LCRCD2         The Lomond Ceilidh Band - In Full     CD        11.49

 One of Scotland's favourite young ceilidh bands play a selection of
 popular dances. Ewan Stark (fiddle), Callum Wallace (drums), Alan
 Small (lead accordion & midi) and Davie Summers Jnr. (guest 2nd
 accordion).  Gay Gordons, Dashing White Sergeant, Southern Rose
 Waltz, Britannia Two-step, Another Dimension, Strip The Willow,
 Canadian Barn Dance, Three Quarter Time, Virginia Reel, Back In Time,

 EUCD1312       The Queen's Royal Pipers - Journey    CD        11.99
                Through Scotland

 Top pipers play a selection of tunes from around Scotland.

 EUCD1374       The Queen's Royal Pipers - The        CD        11.99
                Journey Continues

 This time the tunes are from a wide range of sources including a
 Highland version of Verdi!

 EUCD1398       The Queen's Royal Pipers - The Royal  CD        11.99

 Lots of popular traditional tunes, and some newer ones.

 ATCD057        Wrigley Sisters With David Campbell   CD        11.49
                - Orkney After Sunset

 David Campbell tells tales connected with Orkney, against appropriate
  settings from Jennifer's fiddle and Hazel's guitar and piano. Go
 Good My Songs, The Ring Of Brodgar, The Standing Stones Of Stenness,
 Thor's Hammer, Magnus And Hakon, The Sandy Lamb Polka, The
 Beachcomber, The Old Polka, Betty Corrigal, The Sabistons, Elegy.


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