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Subj:	 Music In Scotland Newsletter - September, 2000
Date:	9/5/2000 2:38:08 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Jim Leighton)
Dear Fellow Celtic Music Enthusiast,

We are delighted to bring you the September edition of the Music In Scotland
Newsletter. Music In Scotland continues to grow in popularity with yet
another record month of hits!

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*SPECIAL OFFER* CDTT1003	Hamish MacGregor - Scottish Love Songs	CD	6.49
*SPECIAL OFFER* CDTT1001	Hamish MacGregor - Trip To Scotland	CD	6.49
*SPECIAL OFFER*	MOIMC008	Isla St Clair - Inheritance		MC	3.49
*SPECIAL OFFER*	MIDMC005	John McCormack - Scottish & Irish Songs	MC	3.49
*SPECIAL OFFER*	MIDMC003	Joseph Hislop - Songs Of Scotland	MC	3.49
*SPECIAL OFFER*	MOIMC011	Ken MacLennan - Highland Tempest	MC	3.49
*SPECIAL OFFER*	MIDMC008	Peter Dawson - Scottish & Irish Songs	MC	3.49
*SPECIAL OFFER*	MEMC003		Rab Noakes - Standing Up		MC	3.49
*SPECIAL OFFER*	CDTT1002	Robert Fish Band - Dances With Fish	CD	6.49
*SPECIAL OFFER*	MOIMC001	Roy Williamson - The Long Journey South	MC	3.49
*SPECIAL OFFER*	MIDMC001	Scottish Songbook			MC	3.49
*SPECIAL OFFER*	MIDMC004	Star O' Rabbie Burns			MC	3.49
*SPECIAL OFFER*	MIDMC007	Sydney MacEwan - Folk Songs & Ballads	MC	3.49
*SPECIAL OFFER*	MIDMC002	Sydney MacEwan - The Songs Of Scotland	MC	3.49
*SPECIAL OFFER*	MIDMC006	The Irish Songbook			MC	3.49


*NEW*	ERCD017	Addie Harper & The Wick Band - Her Caithness Home		CD	11.99
*NEW*	ERCD014	Addie Harper & The Wick Trio - The Magnetic Stars Of The North	CD	11.99
*NEW*	ER005	Addie Harper Jnr - A Change From The Box!			MC	6.69
*NEW*	ERCD005	Addie Harper Jnr - A Change From The Box!			CD	11.99
*NEW*	ER004	Addie Harper Trio - Ceilidh Night At Mackays			MC	6.69
*NEW*	CDTRAX173	Aileen Carr - Green Yarrow				CD	11.49
*NEW*	WHIRLIECD6	Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham - Another Gem		CD	11.49
*NEW*	WHIRLIEC6	Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham - Another Gem		MC	6.79
*NEW*	CDTHIS002	Angus Strathspey & Reel Society - Music Of The Fiddle Volume 2
										CD	4.99
*NEW*	WWAVECD002	Anne Martin & Ingrid Henderson - Nighean Nan Geug	CD	11.49
*NEW*	WWAVEMC002	Anne Martin & Ingrid Henderson - Nighean Nan Geug	MC	6.69
*NEW*	NMT03		Between The Tay And The Forth; New Songs Celebrating Fife  	
										CD	11.49
*NEW*	CDTRAX198	Billy Ross - Shore Street				CD	11.49
*NEW*   TRICD002	Conor McCarthy & Alph Duggan - Selection Box		CD	11.49
*NEW*	CU1CD11		Cuig - Prospect						CD	11.49
*NEW*	ER011		Daniel McPhee - Dancing Fingers				MC	6.69
*NEW*	ER013		Daniel McPhee - Let The Hackles Rise			MC	6.69
*NEW*	ER007		Daniel McPhee - Star Of The North			MC	6.69
*NEW*	SMD617		Fergusson's Auld Reekie					CD	11.49
*NEW*	CELT9017	For Love Of Erin; Songs From My Irish Homeland		CD	7.99
*NEW*	ER015		Ian Graham's Scottish Band - Maureen's Favourites	MC	6.69
*NEW*	GLCD1149	Joe Derrane - Give Us Another				CD	12.99
*NEW*	ER006		Kathleen - Twelth Of Never				MC	6.69
*NEW*	LABELCD1	Label - Revealed					CD	7.99
*NEW*	CELT9018	Legends Of The Scottish Fiddle				CD	7.99
*NEW*	CANNDHU001	Leo McCann - If Anyone Can!				CD	11.49
*NEW*	NMT01/02	Life In The Kingdom					CDx2	8.99
*NEW*	CWGR170		Lonach Pipe Band - Lonach Gu Brath			MC	7.49
*NEW*	CDGR170		Lonach Pipe Band - Lonach Gu Brath			CD	11.49
*NEW*	CDTRAX199	Macalias - High Wired					CD	11.49
*NEW*	CELT9020	Most Beautiful Melodies Of Irish Music			CD	7.99
*NEW*	CELT9019	My Gentle Harp: Celtic Music For The Harp		CD	7.99
*NEW*	SMR106CD	My Heart's In The Highlands				CD	10.99
*NEW*	SMR106V		My Heart's In The Highlands			  Video GB	14.49
*NEW*	GLCD1204	Nua Teorain: New Celtic Music From Green Linnet		CD	12.99
*NEW*	URCD26500	Octopus Soup: Live Sessions At The Novar Arms Hote	CDx2	11.49
*NEW*	PROVCD001	Providence - Providence					CD	11.49
*NEW*	NMTBK01		Songs Of Life In The Kingdom				Book	6.99
*NEW*	MOICD018	The Corries - Peat Fire Flame/Stovies			CD	11.99


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Jim Leighton
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