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Subj:	 Music In Scotland Newsletter - July, 2000
Date:	7/31/2000 2:38:27 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Jim Leighton)

Dear Fellow Celtic Music Enthusiast,

We are pleased to bring you the July edition of the Music In Scotland
Newsletter. Music In Scotland is a gateway to Scotland's music and is
dedicated to promoting music and musicians with a Scottish connection to a
world-wide audience.  The site contains information on music events, free
classifieds, artists, links, new CD releases etc.


BFCD001     Blazin Fiddles - Fire On       CD                 11.99
Blazing Fiddles formed in 1998 for a short tour organised by the Highland
Festival.  The idea was to showcase six of the Highlands and Islands
regional fiddle styles, before combining at the end of the evening for a
wild session. "The result was harmonies to die for, creating music of a
depth, sweetness and power, which was almost literally intoxicating."  The
Scotsman.  With Aidan O'Rourke, Allan Henderson, Andy Thorburn, Bruce
MacGregor, Catriona Macdonald, Duncan Chisholm, Iain MacFarlane and Marc
Clement.  Donald, Willie & His Dog, The Cascade Set, The Greenland Set,
Donald Riddell Set, Waulking Songs, The Midge Factory, Marnie Swanson,

BKDCD103    Calasaig - Making for the Shore CD                 11.49
This, their second album, features a variety of traditional and contemporary
compositions played with a style and maturity which allows slow airs and
up-tempo jigs to sit easily alongside self-penned ballads and their own
interpretations of Burns.  Arrangements of Gow & MacLellan are further
enhanced by the exquisite clarsach playing of guest Maggie MacInnes. "?from
the first note?you can feel the buzz, which just keeps on going?"  The Scots
Magazine.  The Dancer/Philip Begg's Conundrum/John Murray's, My Son
John/Miss Thompson, Farewell To Benavie/Dae You Love An Apple, My Home
Town/The Crags Of Tumbledown, Sally Gardens, The Fourth Of July/Making For
The Shore, Travelling West, Balshare, Farewell To Whisky, Ramsden's
Rant/Laura Beaton's Reel/Cough Up The Donal, The Spanish Cloak/The
Shepherd's Wife, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik/The Horn Concerto/Jimmy Wards/Out On
The Ocean, How Can My Poor Heart, Avonhaugh.

DACS0021    Calum MacLean - Mull Holiday   MC                 6.69
Calum Maclean (1st accordion), Deirdre Adamson (2nd accordion), Dave
Flockhart (piano), Mike Hardie (drums). Mull Holiday, Echoes Of Lucerne,
Jigs, Medley, Paso Peggy, The Mullennium Two-step, Swiss Accordion Polka,
Duart Castle, March/Strathspey/Reel, Pipe Marches, Gaelic Waltzes, Loretto
Polka, Reels, The Kerrera Polka, Musette Giancarlo Caporilli, Jig & Reel,
The Dark Island.

DACD0021    Calum MacLean - Mull Holiday   CD                 11.49

SURVHS01    Capercaillie - The Capercaillie Collection (1990-1996) Video GB
>From their homeland roots of Argyll in the Highlands of Scotland,
Capercaillie have been credited with being the major force in bringing
traditional Celtic music to the world stage, and inspiring the great
resurgence so evident today.  The Capercaillie Collection video features the
best of the band with scenes from the film 'Rob Roy', as well as a
re-release of the classic in-concert special 'Two Nights Of Delirium', which
captures the band  in full flight, performing live in locations that range
from a packed theatre to an outdoor marquee show and features a special
acoustic session. This collection brings together the best of the band's
music and visuals and celebrates a pioneering group of musicians, drawing on
a rich musical heritage.  Breisleach, Coisoch A Ruin, Waiting For The Wheel
To Turn, Miracle Of Being, Ailein Duinn, Whistle Reels, Pige Ruadh, Fagail
Bhearnaraidh, Four Stone Walls, Dr. MacPhail's Reel, Cape Breton Song, Puirt
A Buil,Crime Of Passion, Alasdair Mhic Cholla Ghasda, Silver Spear Reels,
Domhnall Dubh, Waiting For The Wheel To Turn,Kenny MacDonald's Jigs, Coisich
A Ruin.

SURDVD01    Capercaillie - The Capercaillie Collection (1990-1996) DVD

CICD142     Charlie Piggott & Gerry Harrington - The New Road CD
Accordion player Charlie Piggott, originally from Cork, was one of the
founding members of De Danann and more recently The Lonely Stranded Band.
He toured extensively with both bands and as a solo artist.  Charlie teams
up with esteemed Kerry fiddler Gerry Harrington.  Well known in Kerry/Cork
music circles and to the Irish-American music fraternity, Gerry's music was
brought to a wider audience during the nineties through the release of two
exquisite albums.  "Charlie Piggott and Gerry Harrington are both excellent
players of the traditional music with individual reputations to prove it,
and when they play as a duet it is special; a natural coming together of
skills and sensitivities with a respect not simply for the notes and phrases
of which tunes are made, but also

CICD141     Cumar     CD                 12.49
Cumar, the first intensive Willy Clancy-modelled music school to be run
entirely through the medium of Irish, was founded in Connemara in 1999.
Cumar, the annual week-long school of indigenous Gaeltacht arts bring
together and celebrate different aspects of the arts, namely traditional
music,Sean-n¢s, Sean-n¢s dancing and the oral tradition.  The three main
concerts held in Ionad na Foirn‚ise in Camus during Cumar 1999 were a
phenomenal success.  No-one anticipated the depth of talent that
lesser-known and mainly very young musicians would display. Cumar decided to
mark the establishment of the school by producing a live CD of these younger
musicians and

EMTCD501/2  Edinburgh Military Tattoo - 50 Years On CDx2               14.49
The phenomenal success of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo is captured here on
a special double CD featuring highlights from the show over the last 50
years. 31 tracks including lots of pipe bands, Massed Pipes & Drums,
Hungarian Peoples' Army Ensemble, H M Kongens Garde Musikkorps, Fiji
Military Forces Band and singers, and much

CDTRAX196   Eric Bogle -  Endangered Species CD                 11.49
A collection of 15 brand new songs from the prolific pen of this remarkable
songwriter from Scotland, now residing in Australia.  Eric has been
described as one of the most important songwriters of recent years.

CDGR908     Ian Middleton - A Brand New Bilin'  CD                 6.99
Humorous songs and poems.  The Dumplin, The Gale Warnin', A Lidetime On The
Lan', It's A Sair Fecht, Lament For The Mini, The Lispin' Leghorn, The Neep,
Fin The Binder's Laid-by, The Skweel Sports, A Kittly Problem, The Lang-life
Recipe, For The Wint O' Eduncation, Hame Comforts, The Awkward Ailment,
Slippin' Standards, Road O' The

CDGR141     Ian Middleton - Anither Dreel    CD                 6.99
Singer/songwriter from Banffshire. A Question O' Mainners, Beatin' The
Budget, Green Fingers, A Feast Or A Famine, Matrimonial Bliss, Teen Short,
The Gairdener's Medley, Hame Truths, The Conversation, Geordie's Lament, A
Chaip Wye Tae Traivel, Battle O' The Bulge, A Question O' Idendity.

CDGR089     Ian Middleton - Tatties Throu' The Bree   CD
At the Moray Festival of Bothy Ballads at Elgin in 1984 and 1985, Ian
woncompetitions for his compositions 'A Fee'd Man Looks Back' and 'The
Traivlin' Mull'.  Tracks are The Futtret,The Twa Budgies, Teethache, The
Humble Tattie, The Two Budgies Second Meeting, X Marcks The Spot, The Geet's
First Crop, The Traivlin' Mull, Lugs At The Fitba, An Auld Wye Of Life Wears
Awa', Feels On Wheels, A Fee'd Man Looks Back, A Taste O' Honey.

CDGR106     Ian Middleton - Tatties, Milk & Meal   CD                 6.99
Ian Middleton was born in the village of Fordyce, Banffshire.  Ian has
always had great interest in the Doric and
  since his teens he has been composing lines of verse.  His first serious
attempt was 'The Festival O' Keith' which was later recorded by Jim Reid and
The Foundry Bar Band.  Aul' Davy's Dra'ers, Jock Gets A Springclean, The
Menu, Egg On His Face, A Sign O' The Times, A Nod's As Guid's A Wink, The
Mither Tongue, The Diagnosis, When The Dyow's Aff The Gr'un, A Short-Cut Tae
Siller, Look Afore Ye Loup, A Heavy Mail.

COMD2083    John McCusker - Yella Hoose   CD                 11.49
Second solo album from Battlefield Band's fiddler.  He is joined by Tim
O'Brien, Darrell Scott, Kate Rusby, Mike McGoldrick, Ian Carr, Simon
Thoumire, Andy Cutting, Gino Lupari, Malcolm Stitt and Kevin Mackenzie.
"The delicacy and finesse with which McCusker handles these lovely tunes are
sure signs of a young master."  The Scotsman.  John has become a prolific
composer of some note, having published a book of 50 of his own compositions
called Bothwell Boy which is available from Music In Scotland(BK009).

MSCD01      Mary Strachan - Sweet Voice & Clarsach   CD
Previously available n cassette for many years, now released on CD. Guest
musicians are Blair Douglas (keyboards), Douglas Strachan (trumpet),
Christine Martin (fiddle) and Eilidh Martin (cello).  Cearcall A'Chuain,
Dumbarton's Drums, Bonnie Earl O' Moray, M'eudail Bheag Gun Gho, The Four
Marys, Island Moon, Oran Mu Leanabh Og, Gradh Geal Mo Chridh', Come By The
Hills, Dean Cadalan Samhach, Ae Fond Kiss, Fear A' Bhata, An Ataireachd

FSCD001     P.J. & Marcus Hernon - The Grouse In The Heather   CD
Brothers P.J. and Marcus Hernon have been making a formidable contribution
to traditional music in Ireland for over three decades, both individually
and as a duet.  Marcus holds seven all-Ireland titles on flute, at underage
and at senior level.  P.J. won the senior accordion title at the all-Ireland
Fleadh Cheoil and An tOireachtas in 1973 and both were members of winning
senior duets at Fleadh Cheoil na hireann.  They are joined on this album by
Charlie Lennon, Steve Cooney, Laoise Kelly and Paddy Higgins.  Delivered
with gusto, energy and an unquantifiable depth in terms of sound,
ornamentation and phrasing, this raw, lively, dance-driven music could

GOW001      Phamie Gow - Winged Spirit   CD                 11.49
Phamie Gow began playing the clarsach at the age of twelve and gave her
first public performance six months later.  She advanced on the instrument
for eighteen months on a self-taught basis and, following this, she was
taught by the virtuoso harper and composer, Savourna Stevenson.  Phamie had
started playing piano at the age of eight, taught by Savourna's father,
Ronald.  She has quickly gained a reputation for the virtuosity of her
clarsach playing, the originality of her compositions and the freshness of
her arrangements.  "A young woman who brings a vivid imagination to her
writing? pours herself into a performance balancing the ethereal and

CDTRAX197   Rod Paterson   Up To Date   CDx2               11.49
This is Rod's two early solo albums 'Two Hats' and 'Smiling Waved
Goodbye'(less two tracks) compiled to make this value-for-money compilation,
"Up To Date".  Rod is arguably one of Scotland's finest male singers and has
worked with many of Scotland's top groups including The Easy Club. As well
as following a solo career, Rod is currently a member of both Ceolbeg and
Jock Tamson's Bairns.

SMR105      Steven Carcary - Reflection   MC                 6.99
On this, Steven's fifth album with Smith/Mearns Recordings he has chosen a
selection reflecting the music he would normally play at functions and
venues throughout Scotland.  Steven(accordion) is joined by Kevin Milne
(drums), Bill Ewan (piano), Malcolm Ross (percussion), and James
Hutcheson(vocal harmony).  Jigs 8x32 (The Atholl Highlanders, The
Coronation, Willie Wi' His Tartan Trews, Letham Hotel), Gay Gordons, Song
(The Rose Of Clare), Canadian Barn Dance, Parisienne Holiday Polka, The
Veleta Waltz, Reels 8x32 (Roxburgh Castle, Valley Gold, Bonnie Daisy, Miss
Catherine Maxwell's Scots Measure), Eva Three-step, Waltz (Doreen My
Mother), Song (Lonesome Me), Irish Jigs 4x32 (Gordon B Cosh, Humours Of
Glendart, Over The Ocean, Tell Her I Can), Modern Waltz (Cavatina), The
Ollaberry Two-step, Song (The Answer To Everything), Reels 4x32 (Circassian
Circle, Dr Bob Smith, Miss Jean Milligan, The Merry Blacksmith).

SMR105CD    Steven Carcary - Reflection   CD                 10.99
On this, Steven's fifth album with Smith/Mearns Recordings he has chosen a
selection reflecting the music he would normally play at functions and
venues throughout Scotland.  Steven(accordion) is joined by Kevin Milne
(drums), Bill Ewan (piano), Malcolm Ross (percussion), and James
Hutcheson(vocal harmony).  Jigs 8x32 (The Atholl Highlanders, The
Coronation, Willie Wi' His Tartan Trews, Letham Hotel), Gay Gordons, Song
(The Rose Of Clare), Canadian Barn Dance, Parisienne Holiday Polka, The
Veleta Waltz, Reels 8x32 (Roxburgh Castle, Valley Gold, Bonnie Daisy, Miss
Catherine Maxwell's Scots Measure), EvaThree-step, Waltz (Doreen My Mother),
Song (Lonesome Me), Irish Jigs 4x32 (Gordon B Cosh, Humours Of Glendart,
OverThe Ocean, Tell Her I Can), Modern Waltz  (Cavatina), The Ollaberry
Two-step, Song (The Answer To Everything), Reels 4x32 (Circassian Circle, Dr
Bob Smith, Miss Jean Milligan, The Merry Blacksmith).

CDITV661   The Band Of Her Majesty's Scots Guards - Into The 21st Century
CD                 11.99
The Scots Guards were formed by King Charles I in 1642 for service in
Ireland.  The Regiment returned to Scotland in 1650 but was disbanded during
the exile by Charles II.  It was reformed at the restoration of the King in
1660 and came to England in 1665.  The band today numbers some forty-nine
players, all of which are among the finest instrumentalists to be found in
the services.  Stationed in London, it shares with the other four Foot
Guards Bands the duties of daily Guard Mounting at Buckingham Palace.
Fanfare (Prelude To Pageantry), Edinburgh Castle, Great Moments In Cinema
(Star Wars, Cadillac Of The Skies, Jaws Theme, The Land Race), Ye Banks &
Braes, Alfie, Yesterday, The Sound Of The Pipes, Ancient & Honorable,
Artillery Company March, Carnival Of Venice, Jazz Suite No. 2, Eriskay Love
Lilt, The Land Of Light, On The Track, Gaelic Rondo, Lord Of The Dance, If,
Scottish Close Of Day (Will Ye No Come Back Again, Last Post, Auld Lang
Syne),Flowers Of The Forest, Scotland The Brave,

KITV661     The Band Of Her Majesty's Scots Guards - Into The 21st Century
MC                 7.49

MOIBK01     The Corries - Traditional   (The Corries songbook Volume 2)
Book               14.99
Music and lyrics for thirty Corries favourites.  Ae Fond Kiss, Annie Laurie,
The Banks O' The Roses, The Bonnie Ship The "Diamond", The Broom O'  The
Cowdenknowes, Blow Ye Winds In The Morning, The Castle O Dromore, Cruel
Brother, Derwentwater's Farewell, Flower Of Scotland, The Queen's Maries,
Gallus Bloke, The Great Silkie, Keiland Harry, Helen Of Kirkonnel, Highland
Lament, Jock O' Braidislee, Johnny Cope, Lowlands Away, Johnny Lad, The
Lowlands Of Holland, Maids When You're Young, The Quiet Land O' Erin,
Rattlin' Roarin' Willie, Sweet Tibbie Dunbar, Tramps And Hawkers,
Shenandoah, Twa Corbies, Twa Recruitin'Sergeants, Welcome Royal Charlie.

CDITV659   The Lowland Band Of The Scottish Division - Flowers Of The Forest
CD                 11.99
The Lowland Band of the Scottish Division was founded in March 1994
comprising primarily musicians from the former Regimental Bands of the Royal
Scots, The Royal Highland Fusiliers and The King's Own Scottish Borderers.
The band is permanently based in Edinburgh where, with the Highland band, it
shares the responsibility for the musical contribution to the many State and
Ceremonial occasions which occur in the capital city. In keeping with all
bands in the British Army, the versatility of the musicians representsone of
the Lowland Band's greatest assets.  From within its ranks can be produced a
wide variety of ensembles, ranging from the full marching band to smaller
groups such as the fanfare team, brass quintet, saxophonequartet and the
ever-popular Edinburgh

KITV659    The Lowland Band Of The Scottish Division - Flowers Of The Forest
MC                 7.49

TE002      Trudge Euphoria - The Face That?   CD                 11.49
Shooglenifty-style Scottish dance groove with vocals.  Funky bass-lines,
chunky drums and rhythmic mandola back up soaring electric guitar, haunting
flute tunes and soulful, fragile-edged vocals.  Trudge Euphoria are Bernie
Spalding (mandola, mandolin, fiddle), David Simons (bass), Harry Saunders
(drums), Anita Hurding (vocals, flute, whistle), Duncan McKerlich (guitars)
and Stevie Glover (mandolin, whistle, vocals).  Trudge Trance, Stevie's Set,
The Face, Folked Up Again, Journeyman, Purple Haze, 60 Million, Arden's
Favourites, And..?, Roots.

COMD2082   Various - Harps, Pipes & Fiddles   CD                 11.49
Harps, pipes and fiddles - the instruments that have carried, invented and
expanded the traditional music of Scotland and Ireland for centuries.  The
musicians chosen to play on this album are leading exponents of the
tradition.  The harp players are Ann Heymann, Alison Kinnaird, Maire Ni
Chathasaigh and William Taylor.  The Pipers are Ged Foley and Duncan
MacGillivray (both of Battlefield Band fame), John D. Burgess, Dougie
Pincock, Dr  Angus MacDonald and Pipe Major Iain MacDonald.  The fiddle
comes to the fore in the hands of Aly Bain, John


3.99        ETDCD130	Gordon Frank Singers - Traditional Music Of Scotland
3.99        ETDCD176	Celtic Ambience
3.99        ETDCD092	The Kilfenora Fiddle Ceili Band - Traditional Irish
Fiddle Music
3.99        ETDCD043	The Sound Of The Bagpipes
3.99        ETDCD003	Claire Hamilton - The Celtic Harp Collection
3.99        EMPRCD807	Gordon Pattullo - Scottish Accordion Favourites
3.99        EMPRCD721	Jimmy Shand Jnr - The Best Of
3.99        ETDCD157	Celtic Myths (Claire Hamilton)
3.99        EMPRCD703	The Glasgow Police Pipe Band - The Pipes Are Calling
3.99        EMPRCD784	Bobby Crowe - Scottish Country Dancing
3.99        EMPRCD697	Andy Stewart - The Best Of..
3.99        EMPRCD590	The Songs Of Scotland
4.69        12250	      Folk Music from Scotland
4.69        12249	      Scottish Bagpipes & Drums
5.29        COMD2049	Temple Sampler
5.59        RECD508	Spirit Of Lennon & McCartney
5.59        RECD500	Paisley Abbey Choir - Sing Along Carols
5.59        GRACC27	Ian Powrie/Bobby Crowe - Highland Airs
5.69        RECD501	Moods Of Love
5.99        MCCD361	A Treasury Of Irish Music
5.99        HMCD86	Shawn Cuddy - Just For You
5.99        MCCD409	Celtic Voices
5.99        MCCD370	Steeleye Span - Collected
5.99        MCCD351	Clannad - An Diolaim
5.99        MCCD278	A Treasury Of Irish Song
5.99        MCCD243	Celtic Spirit
5.99        CDC010	The Best Of Country Line Dance Back To Back - Volume One
5.99        MCCD096	Café De Paris 1930-1941
5.99        CELTCD6	Celtic Journey Volume  6 - Putting On Airs
5.99        MCCD071	Phil Coulter - Scottish Tranquility
5.99        MCCD042	Dublin Songs
5.99        CDC009	P.J. Murrihy - Bygone Days
5.99        CDC008	The Fureys - May We All Someday Meet Again
5.99        CDC006	Count John McCormack - Green Isle Of Erin
5.99        CDC004	Susan McCann   In Nashville: Twenty Country Classics
5.99        MCCD126	June Tabor - Anthology
5.99        CDC013	Irish Folk Legends
5.99        CDC056	Kathy Durkin   My Own Native Land
5.99        CDC055	Dermot O' Brien - Songs From The Emerald Isle
5.99        CDC054	P.J. Murrihy - The Land Of The Gael
5.99        CDC049	An Evening Of Irish Pub Songs
5.99        CDC041	Shaun Connors - 100+ Irish Jokes With..
5.99        CDC038	Larry Cunningham - The Very Best Of Larry Cunningham's
5.99        CDC036	Red Hurley - Danny Boy Trilogy
5.99        CDC033	Noel V. Ginnity - The Wearing Of The Grin
5.99        CDC029	Geraldine Sexton - Reflections Of Ireland
5.99        CDC028	Dermot O' Brien - Singalong Irish Favourites
5.99        CDC023	Dublin City Ramblers   Live At Johnny Fox's Pub
5.99        CELTCD8	Celtic Journey Volume  8 - Playing With Fire
5.99        CDC020	Noel V. Ginnity - The Sunshine Of Your Smile
5.99        HMCD84	Shawn Cuddy - The Calling Home
5.99        CDC012	Celtic Inspiration - An Irish Soundscape
5.99        CDC005	P.J. Murrihy - Pat Murphy's Meadow
5.99        CDC011	Johnny McEvoy   Favourites
5.99        CELTCD1	Celtic Journey Volume  1 - Jigs & Reels
5.99        CELTCD10	Celtic Journey Volume 10 - Gentle Breeze
5.99        CELTCD2	Celtic Journey Volume  2 - Celtic Women
5.99        CELTCD3	Celtic Journey Volume  3 - Season Of Mists
5.99        CELTCD4	Celtic Journey Volume  4 - Here's To The Highlands
5.99        CELTCD5	Celtic Journey Volume  5 - Celtic Love Songs
5.99        CELTCD7	Celtic Journey Volume  7 - Songs From The Heart
5.99        CELTCD9	Celtic Journey Volume  9 - The Celts Rise Again
5.99        CDC021	Tony Kenny - Sings Danny Boy And Other Irish Favourites
6.79        CDGR075	Scotland Forever
6.79        CDGR153	Head North To The Highlands
6.79        CDGR092	The McCalmans - Scottish Songs
6.79        CDGR142	The Gordon Family - The Gordon Family
6.79        CDGR149	Gordon Pattullo - Golden Sound of Scottish Music
6.79        CDGR151	On The Banks Of The Deveron
6.79        CDGR152	Pipes & Drums On Edinburgh Castle Esplanade
6.79        CDGR156	Splendour of Scotland
6.79        CDGR157	Scottish Reflections - Past & Present
6.79        CDGR158	Robert Lovie -Generations Of Change
6.99        CDGR089	Ian Middleton - Tatties Throu' The Bree
6.99        CDGR106	Ian Middleton - Tatties, Milk & Meal
6.99        CDGR141	Ian Middleton - Anither Dreel
6.99        CDTHIS001	Music Of The Fiddle - Volume 1
6.99        CDGR908	Ian Middleton - A Brand New Bilin'
7.39        CELT9008	Celtic Love Songs
7.39        CELT9016	Celtic Music - Flute & Whistle
7.39        CELT9013	The Celts Rise Again
7.39        CELT9011	Playing With Fire
7.39        CELT9015	Music For The Highland Bagpipe - Heres To The Highlands
7.39        CELT9009	Collection Of Celtic Airs
7.39        CELT9010	Collection Of Irish Ballads
7.39        CELT9007	Celtic Music Today
7.39        CELT9002	The Voice Of Celtic Women
7.39        CELT9012	Raising A Glass To Celtic Music
7.39        CELT9001	The Dance Music Of Ireland
7.39        CELT9006	Traditional Music Of Ireland
7.39        CELT9003	A Collection Of Celtic Moods - Season Of Mists
7.39        CELT9004	A Celtic Bagpipe Collection - Piping Hot
7.39        CELT9005	Traditional Music Of Scotland
7.39        CELT9014	The Big Squeeze
7.49        REHCD533	Isla St Clair - Murder & Mayhem
7.49        REHCD532	Isla St Clair - Royal Lovers & Scandals
7.49        NSCD056	Roots, Reels & Rhythms - A Scots Fusion Experience
7.55        ARCD029	Musical Mediatations From Mount Melleray
7.55        ARCD028	Best Irish Pub Songs In The World
7.55        ARCD001	Paddy Cole - Celtic Rendezvous
7.55        ARCD003	Big Tom & The Mainliners - 20 Golden Greats
7.55        ARCD004	Joe Dolan - The Collection
7.59        ARCD005	Celtic Visions
7.59        ARCD026	Matt Cunningham - Dance Music Of Ireland   Vol 10
7.59        ARCD007	Cassidy - Long Hard Road
7.59        ARCD010	Luan - First Impressions
7.59        ARCD019	Matt Cunningham - Dance Music Of Ireland   Vol 9
7.59        ARCD020	Matt Cunningham - Green Hills Of Erin
7.59        ARCD021	Matt Cunningham - Memories Of Ireland
7.59        ARCD022	Matt Cunningham - West Of The Old River Shannon
7.59        ARCD025	Matt Cunningham - Spirit Of Ireland
7.59        ARCD024	Susan McCann - Very Best Of…
7.99        HRCD9903	Declan Nerney - Walkin' On New Grass
7.99        HRCD9902	Declan Nerney - 3 Way Love Affair
7.99        HRCD9801	Declan Nerney - Let's Dance
7.99        HRCD9901	Declan Nerney - In The Beginning - A Picture Of My


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