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Subj:	 Music In Scotland Newsletter - April, 2000
Date:	04/08/2000 8:40:04 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Jim Leighton)

Dear Fellow Celtic Music Enthusiast,

We are pleased to bring you the April edition of the Music In Scotland
Newsletter. Music In Scotland is a gateway to Scotland's music and is
dedicated to promoting music and musicians with a Scottish connection to a
world-wide audience.  The site contains information on music events, free
classifieds, artists, links, new CD releases etc.

New Releases available from

CDTRAX195D	Adam McNaughtan - The Words That I Used To Know	CDx2	11.49
Singer/songwriter Adam McNaughtan, a product of the Scottish Folk revival of
the 60s, has been writing, collecting and singing songs for three decades
and has become one of the best-loved Glasgow characters. This is double CD
containing the music from Adam's first two cassettes "Words, Words, Words"
and "The Glasgow I Used To Know".  CD1 The Jeely Piece Song, School Songs,
Dance Noo Laddie, They're Pulin' Doon The Buildin' Next Tae Oors, Mammie
Songs, Old Annie Brown, Jail Songs, Ludgin' Wi' Big Aggie, A Wee Drappie
O't, The Glasgow That I Used To Know, Music Hall Fragments, The
Transportation Ballad, Football Songs, The Derry & Cumberland Boys, Bonnie
Wee Country Lass, Street Songs, Haddie In The Pan, Now That You're Gone, CD2
The Glasgow That I Used To Know, Rap Tap Tap/The Coming Of The Wee
Malkies/Chinese Songs/Lament For A Lost Dinner Ticket/The Teacher's Rant,
Airn John, The	West End Perk Serenade, Nursing Fathers, The Haill Week O'
The Fair, The Glasgow Sunday School, The Yellow On The Broom, The Glasgow
Courtship, Robin Tamson's Smiddy, Fitba' Crazy, Blood Upon The Grass, The
Lion & The Glove, We Will Not Have A Motorway, Oor Hamlet.

CDTRAX5009	Ceol Na Pioba - Ceol Mor	CD	11.49
A concert of piobaireachd from the 1999 Edinburgh International Festival
featuring Roderick MacLeod, Robert Wallace, Barnaby Brown, Allan MacDonald,
William MacDonald and William McCallum.  These seven pibrochs were recorded
live during a memorable concert devoted to the music of the Highland pipe,
the Piob Mhor.  The concert was held in Edinburgh University's Reid Hall,
which has an excellent acoustic for pipe music and was part of a wider
series promoted by the Edinburgh International Festival under the banner
Ceol Na Pioba, 'Music Of The Pipes'.  Too Long In This Condition, The Old
Woman's Lullaby, Hiomtra Haentra, Glengarry's March, The Fingerlock,
Hihorodo Hiharara, Lament For Hugh.

DACD0020	Deirdre Adamson - Plays Mainly Scotish	CD	11.49
Scottish and Continental tunes played with superb dexterity.  Deirdre
Adamson (1st accordion), Ian Muir (2nd accordion), Richard Currie (piano),
Billy Crab (bass), Malcolm Ross (drums).  O'Kane's March, Gaelic Waltzes,
Les Triolets, Reels, The Crags Of Tumbledown Mountain, Dancing Fingers,
Jigs, La Valsajo, Curries Of Milngavie, Hornpipes, Moonlight On The Tay,
Czardas, Wee Walter, Pipe Marches, The Cuckoo Waltz, Canadian Jigs, Lorne

DACS0020	Deirdre Adamson - Plays Mainly Scotish	MC	6.70

SKYE13	Donnie Murdo MacLeod - Sguab Is Dloth	MC	7.49
Donnie, originally from Stornoway, on the Isle of Lewis, is one of the
leading traditional Gaelic singers of his generation.  He won the National
Mod Traditional Gold Medal in 1996, which brought his singing to a wider
audience.  But even before that he was regarded as a singer of great depth,
with an extraordinary capacity for faithfully learning songs from the Gaelic
tradition, many of which were, and are, ignored by other ingers. This is his
first album, and it contains some of the many songs Donnie has learned from
the great tradition bearers of the past generation, for whom he has the
utmost respect and admiration.

SKYECD13	Donnie Murdo MacLeod - Sguab Is Dloth	CD	12.59

MCRCD5991	Evolving Tradition Volume 1	CD	11.49
A celebration of the flourishing traditions in the British Isles with the
Kings Of Calicut, Ingrid & Allan Henderson, Luke Daniels Trio, Oige, Dan
Plews & Cath James, Chris Sherburn & Denny Bartley, Eliza Earthy & Nancy
Kerr, Cythara, Shetland's Young Heritage, Kate Rusby & Kathryn Roberts,
Rajan & Rakhi Sood, Catriona MacDonald & Ian Lowthian, The Hedgerows, Simon
Thoumire & Ian	Carr, Gavin Lewery & Jock Tyldesley, Tim Van Eyken & Kerensa
Wragg, Carlene Anglim & Simon Howarth, Bohinta, Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley,
The Lakeman Brothers and The Chipolata 5.

MCRCD6991	Evolving Tradition Volume 2	CD	11.49
A fresh new generation of Britfolk performers.  Tabache, Ian Lowthian & Luke
Daniels, Eliza Carthy, Richard Wood, Catriona MacDonald, Annbjorg Lien &
Roger Tallroth, Robert Harbron, Kings Of Calicut, Ceile, Cordelia's Dad,
Brian Finnegan & Austin Maguire, Ben Paley, Michael McGoldrick, Seelyhoo,
Oliver Bottle, John McCusker, Kate Rusby, Brothers Uhlmann.

AT056	Hullion - Orkney 2000	MC	6.70
At long last Hullion's new album, started in January 1999, is actually here!
Hullion, one of Orkney's favourite bands, are Micky Austin (tenor banjo,
mandolin), Andy Cant (fiddle, Mandolin, recorder, vocals), Billy Jolly
(Mouthie, vocals), Ingirid Jolly (guitar, vocals) and Owen Tierney (guitar,
mandolin, mandola, vocals).

ATCD056	Hullion - Orkney 2000	CD	11.49

KCN001	Ian Cruickshanks & His Band - Lassie Come & Dance Wi' Me	CD	11.49
Due to huge demand, Highlander Music has now brought this album out on CD?
This is the album with the Gilbert & Sullivan tunes for the Fisherman's
Reel, a hugely popular set!  Profits from this album go to the Cancer Appeal
at Clatterbridge Hospital. Lassie Come And Dance Wi' Me, Culla Bay,
MacPherson's Jig, St. Bernard's Waltz, Clutha, The Singing Sands, Nottingham
Lace, Rob Of Balbeggie, Roberta Buckel's Strathspey, Military Two-step,
Fisherman's Reel, Eva Three-step, Rothesay Rant, Scottish Waltz.

CDN001CD	Ian Cruickshanks & His Band - Nice To See You	CD	11.49
Ian's Gilbert & Sullivan set for the Fisherman's Reel was such a success he
has arranged another one!! Nice To See You, Immigrant Lass, Indian River
Strathspey, Flight Of The Falcon, Jacky Tar, Aird Of Coigach, Blue Mess
Jacket, Midnight Oil, Lord McLay's Reel, Sloane Square, Welcome To Dufftown,
Caddam Wood, Bees Of Maggieknockater, Bonnie Lass Of Bon Accord, White
Heather Jig, Fisherman's Reel (No. 2).

CDTHIS001	Music Of The Fiddle - Volume 1	CD	6.99
Charlie McKerron (fiddle), Keith Collins (fiddle), Jennifer Wilson (piano),
Geroge Cowie (bass).  New Claret, Crossing The Alps, Belladrum House,
Randel's Reel, Fiddler's Cramp, Arthur's Seat, The Coleburn, Harry Glasgow,
Mr Marshall's Compliments To Niel Gow, Hoo Dinna Ye Play Mair?, Denholm
Dempsey, Seamus MacNeil, The Ale Is Dear, Mr Michie, Miss Farquharson Of
Invercauld, Banks, Mrs Forbes Leith, Hayfield House, Peter Davidson, Oliver
Jack, Hurlock's Reel, Perth Accordion & Fiddle Club, The Skymen Of Arnhen,
Cullen Bay, Dr McHardy, The Kilted Runner, Ray Milburn, Margaret Anne
Robertson, Edgefauld House, Drunduan Cottage, Mrs Macleod Of Rosses, March
Of The Rangers, 8th Argyll's Farewell To The 116th Regt. De Ligne, David
Crosbie Miller, Castle Dangerous, Gluss Ayre, Captain Cameron's March,
Clachnacuddin, The Fairy Dance, Dr Bob Smith, Spool O Skerry, Sneug O'
Foula, Far Frae Hame, The Hen's March O'er The Midden, The Sow's Lament For
Its Tatties.

RECS534	Scottish Fiddle Orchestra - The Fiddler's Dance	MC	6.79
Under the baton of the inspiring John Mason MBE, conductor and director of
music, The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra brings you all the fun of a traditional
dance party.  Grand March, Circassian Circle, Military Two-step, The
Orcadian Strip The Willow, Old Time Waltz, Save The Children, Highland
Scottische, Drops Of Brandy, La Va, Gay Gordons, Highland Barn Dance, Lamb
Skinnet, Circle Waltz, Virginia Reel, Eva Three-step, Polka Mazurka, Boston
Two-step, Polka, La Russe, Swing Waltz, Dashing White Sergeant.

RECD534	Scottish Fiddle Orchestra - The Fiddler's Dance	CD	11.49

FOFCD00101	Shiela Stewart -  And Time Goes On	CD	12.49
With the increasing interest in storytelling has come numerous requests for
material, and Shiela, like so many of the "tradition bearers", is all too
keen to oblige.  From an early age, Shiela was deliberately exposed to songs
and stories and as a child, grew up accompanied by classic ballads,  comic
songs, 'make-ye-ups' and, of course, stories and legends.  Discovered  in
1954, the Stewart of Blair - Shiela, her mother Belle, father Alec and
sister Cathie - were regular performers in folk clubs and festivals.  The
Parrot, Rosie (song), The Wooden Ball, The Three Wishes, Betsy Bell (song),
Cod Liver Oil (song), The Trampman, Jock Stewart (song), Native American -
Origin Story, Never Wed An Auld Man (song), Appley And Orangey.

ETCD01	The Blair Tapes	CD	11.49
Recordings from the Blairgowrie Folk Festival 1986-1995 featuring Chuck
Fleming & Gerry Kaley, Vin Garbutt, Isaac Guillory, Lizzie Higgins, Hamish
Moore, Marion Paterson, The Stewarts O' Blair and Kathryn Tickell.  The East
Perthshire town of Blairgowrie holds a unique position in the recent history
of traditional music in Scotland.  In the 1950s, folksong collectors
discovered a wealth of Scots songs, presumed long lost.  During the 60s, the
town hosted the first festivals organised by the newly-formed Traditional
Music and Song Association of Scotland, a body that continues to promote,
nurture and preserve the indigenous music of the country.  Sold in aid of
the Ericht Trust project to establish a Centre for Traditional Scottish

SLPYMC006	The Songs & Ballads Of North East Scotland - Volume 2	MC	6.79
Joe Aitken, Jock Duncan, Gordon Easton, Frank McNally, Geordie Murison, Tam
Reid, Eric Simpson.  The Festival O' Keith, The Halflin (Brose A' Day), The
Traivlin' Mull, The Bonnie Lass O' Fyvie, Drumdelgie, The Plooin' Match, The
Hash O' Bennagoak, The Far Fames Fite Turra Coo, Cameloun, Neeps Tae Pluck,
The Muckle Gawkit Gype, Bogie's Bonnie Belle, The Buchan	Gairdner, The Dying
Ploughboy, The Alford Cattle Show.

SLPYCD006	The Songs & Ballads Of North East Scotland - Volume 2	CD	11.49
Coming Soon

CDTRAX189	Burach - Deeper	CD	11.49
Winners of the presigious Scottish Folk Group Competition some years back,
Burach has gone on to tour extensively throughout the world, including USA,
Asia and Europe. The band has recently become fully professional and have a
huge touring schedule for 2000. This is the third album by this folk/rock
band led by the inimitable Sandy Brechin (accordion), Gregor Borland
(fiddle), the exciting voice of Ali Cherry, Doug Anderson (guitars,
mandolin, etc.), Eoghain Anderson (drums & percussian) and Roy Waterson
(bass guitar). Ali Cerry also pens most of the songs. And Still There, The
Birds Set, Beautiful Blues, Keep On Shining, Sweet Thing, A Turn Up For The
Books, Shadow Of The Night, The Life And Times Of Johnny Hattersfield, Flora
Whistles, A Scandanavian Tune, Left Unsaid, Heart Of Gold, Knot Quite

CDTRAX9017D	Scottish Traditional Tales	CDx2	15.49
A double CD collection of long Scottish tales as told by some of Scotland's
greatest storytellers, including Betsy White, Davie Stewart, Bella Higgins,
Stanley Roberson, Jeannie Robertson, Tom Tulloch and others. These have been
selected from the	extensive School of Scottish Studies archives. Including a
68 page booklet of background information and the text of the tales. One Eye
Two-Eyes Three Eyes, Daughter Doris, The Three Feathers, The Humph At The
Fit O Glen & The Humph At The Head O The Glen, The Angel Of Death, Silly
Jack & The Factor, The Boy & The Bruni, Keeping Out The Sea Man, The Fiddler
O Gord, The Greenbank Pony.


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