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Subj: Music In Scotland Newsletter - March
Date: 03/04/2000 11:43:49 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Jim Leighton)

Dear Celtic Music Enthusiast,

This is the March newsletter from Music In Scotland. Once again we are
pleased to introduce to you a large selection of new releases in the
Scottish Celtic music scene.

We are also pleased to announce the inclusion of a large number of MP3 sound
clips for you to hear before you buy. When you search the Music In Scotland
Music Store, if a sound clip exists, you will see a sound icon beside the
item. Simply click on the sound clip and if you have an MP3 player, you will
hear the music after a short delay.

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CBP1 Barry Shears - A Cape Breton Piper CD 11.99
Born in Glace Bay, Cape Breton, in 1956, Barry’s first bagpipe lessons
were from Angus MacIntyre. Barry holds many certificates and has won many awards
and trophys for his first class piping. The Blackthorn Stick, The Iron Man
Set, Hector The Hero, Welcome To The Trossacks, Joe Hughie MacIntyre’s
Set, Gaelic Poem, French Road, Dan R..’s Set, Inverness Country Set, Gille
Crubach Set, The Foxhunter, Lullabye & Jigs, Gaelic Airs, Elizabeth’s
Big Coat Set.

LTCD1001 Bob Blair - Reachin’ For The High, High Lands CD 11.99
Part of the Traditional Bearers series. Bob, originally from Fife and now
living in Glasgow, is a member of Stramash. He is a singer especially noted
for his interpretation of Scottish songs and traditional ballads. He plays
concertina and guitar, but generally prefers the beauty of unaccompanied
singing. Bob is joined by Finlay Allison on fiddle. Kissin’s Nae Sin,
Cairn O’ Mount, Bonny Peggy, A Wee Drappie O’t, Waly Waly, Duncan
Gray, It Was In The Toon O’ Kelso, O Gin My Love Were A Pickle O’ Wheat,
The Collier Laddie, The Grey Silkie Of Sule Skerry, Johnny Lad, Ye Hae Lien Wrang, The
Bonnie Lassie O’ 

The CAERCD020 Caerketton - Caerketton CD 12.49
An energetically eclectic C.D. for ceilidhing to, strutting your stuff to,
or phasing out to totally! Mildly manic but intensely musical, the album
stravaigs from a riotous multi-cultural Canadian set, through the
orchestrated mayhem of a traditional {but which tradition?} Gay Gordons,
to a set including J. Scott Skinner’s ‘Miss Shepherd’ in a style
calculated to have J.S.S. boogie-ing in his grave! Spine-chilling slow airs, flying reels,
and creatively alternative everything else! Jackson’s Morning Brush/The
Peeler’s Away With His Daughter/ Paddy’s Leather Breeches,
Mitton’s Breakdown/Frenchie’s Reel, Roslin Castle, Hundalee Mill Cottage, The
Headlands/Drunken Piper, McLean’s Towel/ Knockdhu Reel, Peggy Bawnd,
Blackberry Festival Footrace/Brian Brady’s Wallet, Banks Of Clyde/C.M.
Hall/ Dr. Bob Smith/Deveron Reel, Waltz For A Stone Lady/Watercolour Waltz, Brenda
Stubbert’s Reel/Miss Shepherd/The Red Crow, Dun Boreraig.

HYCD297169 Caledon - The Noble Trousers CD 11.99
The Noble Trousers Set, The Weeping Streets Of Paris Set, Highland
Laddie/The Road To Recovery, MacLeod’s Set, The Old Woman’s Set,
The Lowlands Of Holland/Rory’s Wee Tune, Raigmore Set, Gu De Niste Ni Mise/Rinn
Mi Moch Eirigh, The Exile Song/Lament For The Children.

ACD711-2 Celtic Mystique - Women Of Song CD 11.99
A collection of Celtic song from twelve highly-regarded women artists ,
mainly transatlantic. Celtic song in all of its aspects, ancient and modern,
solo and accompanied. Moira Kerr, Elyra, Sheila Ryan, Laura Powers, Mae
McKenna, Anne Martin,Gabrielle Angelique, Sharon Murphy, Jennifer
Parsignault, Darby DeVon, Jennifer White, Pippa Marland.

SKYECD14 Cliar - Traditional & Contemporary Gaelic Song & Highland
Music CD 12.59
Traditional and contemporary Gaelic song and Highland music with Arthur
Cormack, Ingrid Henderson, Mary Ann Kennedy, Maggie MacDonald, Bruce
MacGregor and Chaz Stewart. Cliar formed in 1998 and have since gone on to
perform regularly throughout Scotland and Ireland. They took part in the
1998 Highland Festival, the 1999 Sorley Maclean Tribute Concert and toured
Ireland in March 1999. Clò Mhic Ille Mhìcheil, A Fhleasgaich
Oig As Ceanalta, The Dts Set, Mo Chailin Dileas Donn, Puirt A Beul, Dòmhnall
Nan Dòmhnall, The Nameless Clan, Cumha Coire Cheathaich, Bha Mo Leannan
Ann, The Para Handy Set,Ghràidh An Tig Thu?, The Harpie Set, ‘S Truagh
Nacg D’ Rogadh Dall Mi.

SKYE14 Cliar - Traditional & Contemporary Gaelic Song & Highland
Music MC 7.39

HYCD297171 Davy Steele - Chasing Shadows CD 11.99
Kishmul’s Galley, Brand New Day, Loch Tay Boat Song, Jimmy
Waddell/Lochanside, Long Hellos Short Goodbyes, Tam
Glen/Dancing In Dinan, Tibby Dunbar/The Brothers Reconciliation, Calton
Weaver, Leave Her Johnny Leave Her, Chasing
Shadows, Scotland Yet.

FERRYCD1 Ferrymen - A Long Night At The Ferry CD 11.49
Traditional songs by George Strachan. Annie Laurie, Nancy/Mingulay, The
Loch Tay Boat Song, The Bleacher Lassie O’
Kelvinhaugh, Invergordon To Thee, Jock O’ Hazeldean, Flora MacDonald’s
Lament, The Road And Miles To Dundee, My Name
Is Jock Stewart, The Barnyard’s O’ Dalgety, The Wild Rose Of The
Mountain, Tramps And Hawkers, Ca’ The Yowes, The Bonnie Lass O’ Fyvie, Ae
Fond Kiss, The Greenland Whale, Scots Wha Hae Wi’ Wallace Bled.

SHIELMC009 Graeme Mitchell - Lasting Impression MC 6.69
Jigs, reels, marches, polkas,…and even Humpdihuddies! An excellent album
containing all you need for a good-going ceilidh,including a fiddle solo
and a slow air for while you get your breath back! Irish Jigs, 4/4 Marches,
Pride Of Erin, Humpdihuddies, Eva Three-step, Slow Air, Past Masters’
Reel, Two-step, Highland Medley, Canadian Jigs, Classic 6/8 Marches, Broon’s
Reel,Barn Dance, Strip The Willow, Fiddle Solo, Mitchell’s Marches,
Tribute To Colin Finlayson, Waltzes, Penultimate Polka, Finale

SHIELCD009 Graeme Mitchell - Lasting Impression CD 11.49

IMCD001 Ishbel MacAskill - Essentially Ishbel CD 11.99
Ishbel hails from Point, Isle of Lewis. She was brought up with the rich
heritage of centuries old Gaelic music and song. Ishbel’s particular
style of unaccompanied, traditional singing and her numerous radio and television
appearances have established her position as one of the best known Gaelic
singers today. An Teid Thu Leam A Mhairi (Will You Go With Me Mary?), An
Innis Aigh (The Happy Isle), Waulking Set, Canan Nan Gaidheal (The Language
Of The Gael), Piobaíreachd Dhomhnuill Dhuibh (Pibroch Of Black Donald),
Soraídh Leis An Ait (Farewell To The Place Where I Was Raised), An
Ataireachd Ard (The Eternal Surge Of The Sea), Mor A’Cheannaich, Bidh
Clann Ulaidh Air Do Bhanais (The Clan Of Ulster Will Be At Your Wedding), Fair
And Tender Ladies, Griogal Cridhe (Darling Gregor), Puirt A Beul (Mouth Music),
Nighean Nan Geug

CDTRAX192 Jack Evans - Once Upon A Time In The North CD 11.49
Jack Evans, a multi-instrumentalist, is joined by a very talented Mairi
Campbell (fiddle, viola, vocals) who is a member of The Cast, and Jenny
Gardner (fiddle) of Salsa Celtica. Jack has been involved in the Scottish
music scene for years, as a member of Jock Tamson’s Bairns, The Easy
Club and The Cauld Blast Orchestra. A mixture of instrumental and vocal tracks
with a very contemporary feel.

LTCD1002 Jimmy Hutchison - Corachree CD 11.99
Part of the Traditional Bearers series. Jimmy has all the attributes of a
traditional Gaelic singer, the only difference being that he sings in
English, or to be more precise, Scots. Throughout his singing career, Jimmy
has chosen to sing mainly unaccompanied, allowing greater credence to the
lyrics of his songs, although, on rare occasions, such as on this album,
he allows himself to be accompanied by Tom Spiers (fiddle, vocals on chorus),
Brian Miller (guitar, vocals on chorus) and Ian McCalman (mouth organ).
Erin-Go-Bragh, She Was A Rum One, Matty Groves, The Overgate, The Beggarman,
I’ll Lay Ye Doon Love, Phiege A Grath, Corachree, False Lover Won Back,
Spanish Lady, Lord Donald, D-Day Dodgers.

KELERO001 Kevin Rowsome - The Rowsome Tradition CD 12.49
Tremendous piping from this fifth generation Irish musician, on a recording
which also features archive material from his famous grandfather, father
and uncle. A tremendous collection of jigs, reels, hornpipes and airs played
in the gloriously powerful yet haunting tones of the bellows-blown uillean
pipes. Try it!

CDFSR1704 Liz Doherty & Fiddlesticks - Racket In The Rectory CD 11.49
Fiddlesticks is a novel and exciting group of young fiddlers, all students
of the Music Dept., University College, Cork, and led by well-known fiddler
Liz Doherty. The repertoire is wide and varied, including tunes from
Ireland, Scotland, Shetland, Scandinavia, Cape Breton, Quebec and the United
States. Traditional and new compositions are played; reels and jigs sit
comfortably alongside polkas, strathspeys and airs. “To hear the dunt
of over a dozen fiddlers… was like revving a Porsche in your back yard:
the power was addictive… gloriously rich evocative music”. Irish Music

452001 Neil Thompson - People Of The Past CD 12.49
This young singer/songwriter is fast gaining popularity. With special
guests Johnny Hill (backing vocals), Ian Murray (percussion), Steve Lawrence
(whistle, bouzouki, percussion), Zackery Ware (electric & acoustic guitars).
Falling For You, Watching You Go, Snapshots, Grey Skies, What Fools Do,
MacPherson’s Rant, Shot Of You, The Judy Circus, People Of The Past,
Look To The Future.

BWM2000/1 Phil Brown - Pendle Moon CD 11.99
This album illustrates the alternative timbres of the low whistle. All the
pieces especially written or selected for this album are intended to
highlight the broader, more sibilant, plaintive, “breathy” tones
of the large low whistle. Pendle Moon, In God Alone There Is Rest, Alex, Dream A
Little Of Me, Da Silvery Voe, The Ross Memorial Hospital, Dirty Old Town,
The Very Thought Of You, Downham Green, Northern Lass, Smile, Mrs
Jamieson’s Favourite, Carrickfergus.

FSCD34 Phil Brown - Whistling For The Moon CD 11.99
Phil, a founder member of the Loose Chippings band, started playing whistle
at the age of fifteen. He has produced this, his debut album, to present
the high tin whistle as an expressive and emotional musical instrument.
Bowland Air, Teddy O’ Neill, Women Of Ireland, Old Man Quinn,
Alexander’s Hornpipe, Lonesome Boatman, Danny Boy, Dark Island, Copy Nook, Endearing
Young Charms, King Of The Fairies, Terminal Love Song, As I Roved Out,
Leaboy’s Lassie, Down By The Sally Gardens,

CDTRAX191 Roddy Campbell - Tarruinn Anmoch CD 11.49
Roddy Campbell of Barra comes from a family of well-known singers, and is
committed to passing on traditions to the next generation, which includes
his son Rory Campbell and daughter Marianne Campbell who both play with Deaf
Shepherd. As well as having a fine song repertoire, Roddy plays bagpipes,
whistle and flute. The album is a mixture of Gaelic song, with instrumental
backing, and tunes.

CUL116D Skyedance - Labyrinth (Aladair Fraser, Eric Rigler...) CD 11.49
Labyrinths are deeply symbolic of life’s journey in many cultures, from
the Grecian grand myth of Ariadne and Daedalus to the beautiful carved and
walk-in labyrinths of the Celts, Native Americans and the Norse. The
musicians of Alasdair Fraser’s Skyedance take their own labyrinthine
journey, interweaving Scottish roots with influences from around the world,
threading the path of discovery with rhythmic, harmonic and melodic


BL-1099 Amelia Kaminski & Christine Hanson - Bonnie Lasses CD 12.49
Inspired by the 18th century Scottish dance band line-up of fiddle and
‘cello, Amelia and Christine have combined their talents on a wonderfully
sonorous album of old tunes and songs, with the odd recent piece skilfully
combined.Much of the album is gorgeous listening material , - Rod Cameron’s
vocals blend superbly with the strings- but tracks such as the Skinner
Medley would make a delightfully different Scottish Country Dance
demonstration set! Excellent music, vocals of tangible emotional intensity,
THE album to languish to! Opening Medley, King’s Medley, Broom Of The
Cawden Knowes, Roving Galway Bay, Bonnie Lass Of Bon Accord, Skinner Medley, Wilmot
Medley, Marquis Of Huntly’s Snuff Mill, Clark Saunders, My Wife’s
A Wanton Wee Thing/ Barrowburn Reel.

MMCD222 Bonnie Rideout - Scottish Fire CD 11.49
One of the world's leading Scottish fiddlers. Morning Edition. Bonnie is
joined by Jerry 0' Sullivan, Mike Green, Al Petteway, Robin Bullock, Maggie
Sansone, Tina Chancey, Paddy League and Jon Quigg. .. a sizzling virtuosic
rampage The Edinburgh

MM222 Bonnie Rideout - Scottish Fire CD 11.49
“One of the world’s leading Scottish fiddlers.” Morning Edition.
Bonnie is joined by Jerry O’ Sullivan, Mike Green, Al Petteway, Robin Bullock,
Maggie Sansone, Tina Chancey, Paddy League and Jon Quigg. “…a sizzling
virtuosic rampage” The Edinburgh

TPMD0401 Connie Dover - The Border Of Heaven CD 11.49
On this, her 4th solo recording, Connie brings together the moving ballads
of the British Isles and places them side by side with American folk songs
that grew out of the Celtic tradition. “Her soprano is shimmeringly
pure, her phrasing pristine, her evocations of ancient Anglo-Scottish, Irish and
American cowboy ballads melodically exquisite and utterly believable.”
Scott Alarick (Boston Globe). Her powerful voice is showcased in rich
accompaniment by legendary instrumentalists both sides of the Atlantic; Phil
Cunningham, Johnny Cunningham, Jerry O’ Sullivan, John Catchings, Russ
Barenburg, Jerry Douglas, Roger Landes, Skip Gorman, Paddy League, Zan
McLeod, John Hartford and Arthur Shortbull.

COMD2081 Flora MacNeil - Orain Floraidh (The Songs Of Flora) CD 11.49
Legendary Gaelic singer. Flora is joined on this album by her daughter,
Maggie MacInnes, who is now becoming a respected
singer and musician in her own right. Maggie plays harp and sings. A Mhic
Iain ‘Ic Sheumais (Son Of John, Son Of James), Gaol Ise Gaol I, Nach
Nuair A Ràinig Mi’m Baile (When I Got To The Village), Fhir An Leadain
Thlàth (Lad Of Lovely Hair), A’ Bhean Ladach (The Jealous Women), Siuthadaibh A
Mhnathan (Oh Woman With Vigour), Mo Bhean Chomain (My Woman With No Obligation),
Toiseach Na Tràghad (Beginning Of The Ebb-Tide), Alasdair Oig ‘Ic
‘Ic Neacail (Young Alasdair Nicolson), Seathan Mac Rìgh Eireann (Seathan
- Son Of The King Of Ireland), Nighean Donn Nan Gobhar (Brown Haired Maid Of The
Goats), Mo Dhòmhnullan Fhèin (My Own Donald).

ATCD056 Hullion - Orkney 2000 CD 11.49
At long last Hullion's new album, started in January, is available. One of
Orkney's favourite bands

AT056 Hullion - Orkney 2000 MC 6.70

GLCD1199 Liz Carroll - Lost In The Loop CD 12.99

HRMCD511 Roy Hendrie & His Scottish Dance Band - Scottish Dances Volume
CD 11.49
Champion accordion player Roy & his band are becoming firm favourites
with their great playing. The One O’Clock Canon, Good Hearted Glasgow, Bob
Campbell, Celtic Bi-Centenary Reel, Gothenburg’s Welcome, Derwent
Strathspey, Davy Knick-Knack Reel, Moudiewort, Glittering Caves, Trinity
Tensome Reel, Eilean Donan Castle, Kildrummy Castle, Waggle Of The

MPV01 Sandy Brechin - Learn Scottish Accordion Video GB 15.49
Learn Scottish accordion in six entertaining lessons with Scottish master
Sandy Brechin. Discover the techniques which
characterise Scottish accordion music as you play through a repertoire of
Scottish folk tunes. The lessons are structured to help you learn at your
own pace, and designed for students with moderate to advanced skills.
Packed full of close-ups, tunes, tips and techniques, this video comes with
a helpful tune book. “A must for any accordionist who is serious about
learning the Scottish style.” Gary Blair (Accordions Worldwide).

Jim Leighton
The best in traditional music from the Celtic nations

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