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Scotia Dance and Music Publishers (SDMP) supports Scottish music and dance education by:
  • sponsoring this web site,
  • offering music scholarships and
  • contributing to music programs of other groups.

To encourage new composers and dance devisors, SDMP publishes original dances and tunes under the guidance of our Dance Advisory Committee and our Music Advisory Committee. The members of these editorial committees offer advice to the novice in order to ensure that dances and tunes properly adhere to the idiom.

Scotia Dance and Music Publishers is based in New York, NY. We serve a worldwide market for publishing. Our direct support of dance and music programs has been concentrated in the northeast region of the US from North Carolina to New York.

The Tin Woodman and Other Dances by Milton Levy was our first publishing effort. Jim Stevenson wrote music for each of the dances. Roy Hendrie, a band leader from Scotland, recorded six dances from the book, using Jim's music as his lead tune in each set. The CD also contains 8 Ceilidh dances.

The book includes several new figures such as
Common Schottische balance in line,
Highland Schottische balance in line
and set and "cross link".

Subsequently, we published The Mohonk Dances by Robert "Bob" Houghton, a book that is geared for a class of brand new dancers.

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